Saturday, May 23, 2015

Team Tracey - We've Got Your Back

Tracey Beasley is a tough, hardworking, community-minded, family-loving, country Mum of three, with a real fight on her hands. 

Tracey is bravely and ferociously fighting the battle of her life, driven by the ultimate goal - seeing her gorgeous children grow up! 

Tracey was diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma after feeling a little odd late 2014. After gruelling surgery, Doctors found a large brain tumour which was unfortunately confirmed as a secondary melanoma - secondary to a melanoma that was removed a decade before. 

Tracey has been involved with melanoma research through the Westmead Institute for Cancer Research and the University of Sydney due to a unique “melanoma gene mutation” being identified in her family. Her family was selected to take part in the Australian Melanoma Family Study due to the number of melanomas Tracey had experienced. This has helped assist further research into identifying and learning more about a “melanoma gene” 
through comparisons in DNA. 

Tracey tested positive to the gene mutation which puts her at a higher risk of developing melanoma. Her three children have a 50% chance of carrying the gene also. While most melanomas result from a combination of environmental and genetic factors, about 5 to 10% of melanoma cases present in familial clusters putting them at even higher risk, unfortunately Tracey has it all.

Following her last round of surgery, Tracey endured entire brain radiation, only to be told that the cancer may return sooner rather than later. And return it has, with a vengeance. 

With another tumour on the brain and another on the lung, and having been tested BRAF Negative, Tracey was advised that treatment would be difficult. Difficult, but not impossible. 

Tackling this devastating news with her constant smile and positive outlook, Tracey is now taking a 600km round trip from home to endure 4 rounds of intense immunotherapy.

Following this treatment, Tracey is eligible for her best chance of meeting her ultimate goal with the immunotherapy medication Keytruda. A medication that fights advanced inoperable Melanoma and tumours.

Keytruda comes at a cost of $15,000 - per month!

Having always been part of the workforce, but no longer able to work, Tracey spends her time reading with kids at school, doing canteen when possible and helping educate and create awareness for melanoma and cancer in general. She is implementing wider brimmed hats in local schools where possible and trying to get local councils and community groups to help provide more shade in playgrounds and parks where there is very little or none at all. 

Through her own life experiences, Tracey is committed to highlighting the importance of a positive self-image. Tracey is very concerned about the link between skin cancer and melanoma and extensive sun exposure and the use of tanning beds. 

She is extremely passionate about spreading the word and helping people to “Love the skin they’re in”. Focusing on the positives she believes this is her new purpose and direction and that it has all happened for a reason so she plans to make it count…whether that’s for many years to come or just while she can. 

TEAM TRACEY want to help this amazing woman. They want to at least alleviate the financial strain Tracey and her children have been under since her diagnosis late last year. 

They want to ensure that Keytruda is available to help her fight. 

They want to know that she can afford the constant travel from her country home to Sydney (1100km round trip) and Canberra (600km round trip), specialist appointments, scans and tests.

They are asking you to come on board and show your support for Tracey, her family and her future. 

With support already flowing from Tracey's local community, who know her bravery and determination first hand, weTeam Tracey want to spread the word and do everything they can to help her in her fight.

Every donation gets Tracey Beasley closer to her goal of a happy future with her children.



Follow Tracey's progress on Facebook page "Team Tracey - We've Got Your Back" .

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Worried About Something?

I think this is a beautiful idea to deal with our worries

screen grab of PixelThoughts website

Pixel Thoughts asks you to write down what's bothering you into a large star in the center of the screen. The star begins to slowly fade away as the website prompts you to take a deep breath and reassures you that everything is okay and "life is much grander than this thought." 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Wool With Love

Do you love hand knitted children's wear but don't have the time or skills to do it yourself?

Wool With Love

Wool with love offers a simple range of beautifully hand knitted woollen products for young children.
Wool with love uses Merino wool that is 100% Australian grown and processed; and the products are hand knitted, with love, by a group of ladies from Yass in rural New South Wales

The Rural Woman

THE Rural Woman

Do you look at those city or big town networking events and just wish you could make it because you just love the inspiring, uplifting and juicy conversations and connections you make at those?

Each month make a connection with an incredible rural woman or a woman helping rural women and listen to a conversation with her about a specific virtue close to her heart.   It is delivered FREE to you through their Podcast.

One month they could be talking about forgiveness - the next it could be passion and zeal. You just never know what insight you will learn - what inspiration you will be hit with or what new concept you will explore!

You can download it and listen anytime, anywhere on your mobile device or sit and listen to it at your computer. It's connecting and networking in your own time!
No more wishing or missing out!

Register by clicking HERE to subscribe to receive immediate notification when the next podcast goes live!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bale Out Ball

Bale Out Ball is focused on supporting Australian agriculture and revitalising rural communities. The aim of the initiative is to bring rural families and communities together and provide a social outlet for Australian farmers, while supporting agricultural regions and raising money to assist with drought relief. This will be done through events organised for the community, by the community. Any money raised will go to Buy a Bale, Aussie Helpers and back into the host community. 

Bale Out Ball Inc will host local events but, more importantly, provide an events pack to assist other communities in hosting their own events.

As it stands they have almost 16,000 likes on Facebook if they could get each person who follows their page to donate a dollar they could raise a massive amount of money to spread their wings and head nation wide as well as donating money to the drought relief across Australia. By also helping them we can provide many more events and get packs together for other communities to host their own events 

Since establishing in March 2014 they have held 3 successful events , raised money for local communities and most importantly got people in rural communities talking again , smiling again and giving people something to look forward to in tough times. In the next 12 months they hope to spread our wings and go nation wide, however they do need your help so they can help others .

These three events  are the  the first of many that will help encourage rural communities to come together and discuss their issues. As we all know, talking about our problems is one of the best ways to help overcome life’s hurdles and this Ball, along with others, aims to give rural communities a chance to be open in their discussion.

 or their facebook page here

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

System is So Broken

If you missed ABC's 7.30 report last night it is worth a look here

Good mental health is everything and when someone does not have it life can be chaotic, traumatic and often devastating.

At some point we will all face some kind of mental health crisis.
Whether we acknowledge it or not.
Whether we feel comfortable talking about the issue or not.
Whether we wish to help or not.
Although it's guaranteed the more its ignored the more it will persist.

After watching the report I felt compelled to sign the petition on

I watched and cried
How can I help?

Saturday, April 4, 2015


You are invited to take part in this month's online Friday Forum.
The Land and RAMHP have partnered to get more people talking about mental health. Join us on the second Friday this month to talk about mental health.

When: Friday 10th April 2015 at 12 noon

Where: Go to on the day and follow the links 


Isolation, climate factors, succession planning; as well as lack of services, employment opportunities and recreational activities are just some of the issues which can have huge psychological impacts on young people living in rural communities, especially young farmers.
However, there are steps that individuals and their families can take to lessen the mental health impact felt by such issues.

Our expert panel are ready to answer your questions about a number of important issues, including:

• how to address some of the issues that young people living in rural communities face
• how to recognise the signs a young person may be struggling with depresssion or other common mental illnesses
• strategies to support young people and help them cope with difficult issues
• where to go for help and information
•how to recognise if a young person's reaction to an adversity is normal, or something to be worried about
•understanding why some young people don't seek help, and what can be done about it.

                              Sophie                         Josh                      Michael

The panel includes (L to R):
  • Sophie Potter is an Online Community Manager from
  • Josh Gilbert is the 2014 Chair of the NSW Young Farmers Council
  • Dr Michael Ferres is a general practitioner working the area of youth mental health. He has completed training in psychotherapy counselling
  • Representative from Headspace.

Do you have a question for the panel? You can ask on the day or submit your questions ahead of time. 

We hope you can join us!
Please pass this invitation on to others in your network.