Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Frocktober - it's a frockin' good cause

Frocktober is a festive fundraising initiative aiming to raise funds for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF).  Through fun – and sometimes quirky – measures, Frocktober is all about:

•Increasing the public’s awareness of ovarian cancer.

•Promoting women’s health and wellbeing.

•Celebrating the great diversity of shapes, sizes and colours women come in.

Essentially, Frocktober puts forward a challenge to girls, women and interested men far and wide:

To don a frock for a day, week, fortnight or a full month during October, and get sponsored for it!

Funds raised over Frocktober will be donated to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation to help improve the outlook for women diagnosed with ovarian cancer by supporting the quest for a suitable early detection test. This year the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation celebrates its 10 year anniversary and ten years of progress in the fight against ovarian cancer.
Earlier detection is currently the most promising avenue for improved patient prognosis; however, as yet there is no effective method for detecting ovarian cancer in its early stages, when treatment is the most effective.

For many women with ovarian cancer, the disease is already well advanced when they are first diagnosed.

Local Canberran, Amy Moon (Chair of the Frocktober Canberra Committee), sees Frocktober as a fantastic opportunity to bring the awareness raising celebration to the Nation’s Capital.

Frocktober is a fun, unique idea for a great cause,” said Moon.

When you join the Frocktober Canberra team, you'll be asked to set up your own page, with your personal fund raising target and then guided through getting the word out to your friends and families whether by email, facebook, twitter or widgets you can place on your website. 

Follow Frocktober Canberra's blog here

How to register

1. Click on this link:

2. Click on 'Join this team'.

3. Enter all your registration details.

4. At some point, you'll get asked for the team password in order to join the team. The password is: frocktober2010

5. Send it out to all your friends (using one of the easy methods) letting them know you're supporting the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation this Frocktober.

6. Check back to see our numbers climb! The community support has just been incredible so we're very confident that our target for this year of $10,000 for the OCRF is achievable.

 So why not get started now?

Go here to find out all the events planned that you can become involved in and buy tickets to events here

Join on facebook here

Monday, September 27, 2010

Book Review - Skinny Bitch

Just read a great book review for book Skinny Bitch on The Wellness Warrior's blog.
Worth a read.

I have always given this book a wide berth thinking it would be full of nothing but this review has changed my mind and I will be put it on my book list.

"If everyone bought, read and practiced what the Skinny Bitch girls preach there would be no more weight whining, "low-fat" fads would be done with and the whole world would be a much happier place. Anyone who has agonised over refraining from carbs or been so confused counting all those calories, I urge you to stick your head in a copy of Skinny Bitch now." - Wellness Warrior

Sounds tempting, doesnt it.

Imnop Mag

 Get your latest issue of Imnop magazine here


Taking 2 little girls to a wedding is a big job
New outfits
Hair accessories
Not to mention shoes
I have been looking for the perfect, appropriate dress for them,
its too late for me but found this website
Sophies Lane in Brisbane

Dresses made from Liberty of London fabric
Perfect little dresses for special occasions


Loving this Oreo Cake

Picture from here and here

and the cupcakes

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Country Street Style - Bombala

Seen around the Bombala district this week

Boys and their hats

I think these boots could tell some tales!

Honouring Rural Women

The Rural Women program run by Casella Wines is now in its second year. John Casella, Managing Director of Casella Wines designed the program to honour his mother, Maria Casella. He wanted to recognise women in regional areas of Australia who devote their lives to the well-being of their community in the same way that Maria has done in Griffith for her entire adult life.

This year, Casella Wines has joined with the Australian Women’s Weekly and The Land to find Australia’s most outstanding female citizens from rural communities.  You can  nominate someone that fits this bill. Tell  how they contribute and why you are inspired by them. You can enter from Friday 1 October, 2010 on this site.

John Casella and the Casella team hope that seven financial grants awarded to seven wonderful women will support them in their contribution to their communities and bring them the recognition they deserve.

Perfect Story for a Sunday Morning

Read this linked birth story.
Its not just ANOTHER birth story.
Its a journey that many of us will never be chosen for.

Friday, September 24, 2010

PR Opportunity

Did you start your own business as a result of being made redundant during pregnancy? If this sounds like you please contact us urgently for a potential interview with a national magazine. Please email with your story.

Are you a student or know of student who is studying with a desire to work and live in Rural and Regional NSW?

The RAS Foundation is providing Rural Scholarships to support individuals in NSW who demonstrate a passion for rural issues and who are studying something of value to rural and regional communities.

Several scholarships of up to $5,000 for full time study or up to $1,500 for part time study are available.

There is no limit on the types of courses that qualify or the age of the applicant. You could be studying anything from physiotherapy, engineering and teaching to agricultural science, horticulture and commerce – and almost everything in between. You could be studying at university or TAFE, on campus or by distance learning. However applicants all have one thing in common – a desire to play a part in the future of rural NSW.
The Criteria - applicants for a Rural Scholarship must:

Be enrolled in or applying for study in any accredited tertiary course at an approved Australian education provider.

Demonstrate an active interest in rural affairs and a desire to contribute to the future of rural NSW.

Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

Applying is easy – simply fill in the online application form and tell us why you are passionate about rural and regional NSW.

Applications close on the 30 September 2010 for study in the 2011 academic year.

Apply today!

We welcome all applications!

For further information contact Antonia Ruffell on 02 9704 1234 or Nicole Day Administration Assistant - Royal Agricultural Society of NSW Foundation working Mondays and Thursdays

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Because I Am A Girl

Stand up for girls today!

‘Because I am a Girl’ is Plan’s global campaign designed to fight gender inequality, promote girls’ rights and lift millions of girls out of poverty.  Across the globe, girls are at the bottom of the social ladder, deprived of the same opportunities as boys. For example, research has shown that girls are more likely to suffer from malnutrition; be forced into an early marriage; be subjected to violence or intimidation; be trafficked, sold or coerced into the sex trade; or become infected with HIV.

The Coalition for Investment in Girls needs your help to generate support for girls all over the worldsign the petition to lobby the United Nations to recognize that investment in girls is critically important by declaring September 22 as International Day of the Girl.  Declaring this day as the International Day of the Girl will shed light on the State of the World’s Girls.

Sign the petition and tell the Australian government to declare September 22 as the National Day of the Girl. If our own government takes leadership, we’ll be one step closer to lobbying the United Nations to declare September 22 as the International Day of the Girl.

An International Day of the Girl will focus the world’s attention on the importance of girls’ rights. It will create a foundation for advocacy to ensure that girls get the investment and recognition they deserve as citizens and as powerful agents of change within their own families, communities and nations.

Lend your voice to a global movement for change advocating for the rights of girls, and a better world for all of us. Help get the Australian government on board!

I have signed up.
Have you?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Love Mini Maison

The gorgeous girls from Mini Maison the Childrens Store in Orange NSW have launched their online store.

Be sure to drop in and visit them when you are in Orange or follow their blog as their store is well worth a visit.  Keep checking back as they stock up their cyber shelves.  Read an article here about their fabulous and inspired store as well as other working mums who have started their own business.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Loving these uber chic shop bags from Handmade Canberra made by Rachel Evagelou.  I especially like the line "
I got political at Parliament House"

as I had to get political last week with a State Election Candidate. I wasnt expecting it and was not prepared therefore just had to wing it.  Note to self:  you never know when you might just run into a politician so always be prepared with your list of wants and needs.

Anyway Rachel also just happens to make these adorable little girls dresses (can never have too many of those).

I am so glad there are people out there in the world who can sew and create.  We will always have stylish and beautiful things to enjoy from them.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Photographic Competition

The Foundation for Australian Agricultural Women is currently running an image competition. They are seeking images to companion their new three year strategic plan entitled A Strong Cup of Coffee. Representation of this theme is open to artistic interpretation and all rural and regional creatives are invited to participate.

The underlying aim of both the series and the competition is about women becoming leaders within self, community, industry, trade, and policy: having voice and presence in rural Australia.

For entry details and requirements please see here

Sunday, September 19, 2010

How Many More ....

Its the end of Exercise Your Mood Week, although I cannot say that I heard all that much out there in the media about it.  At the Black Dog Institute they are calling for volunteers who can go onto become Community & Youth Presenters among other things.  Interested?

Then I read a post over at Sharnanigans about how she had recently attended the funeral of a local man in her town who committed suicide and left behind a young family.  She describes how she had an encounter with this man only a few days before and had no idea that he could have been depressed, because as she so rightly says you never know who is depressed and then goes on to say

I couldnt agree more.

And then

My guess is many, many more.

Why can our most famous celebrities talk about it but ordinary people still find it so uncomfortable?

Or maybe it is easier connect with our next door neighbours when they talk about it?

Sometime just saying hello and smiling can lift someone to heights we will never know.

And one of the best ways to lift your mood...

Remember there is always someone to talk to

Find beyond blue's latest rural womens newsletter here


“Beauty is how you feel inside,

and it reflects in your eyes.

It is not something physical.”

-Sophia Loren


Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Hair Hurts

Carrie: Next morning at breakfast, Miranda and I wanted poached eggs, Samantha wanted to give us the juicy details, and Charlotte wanted to keep her head from exploding all over her Burberry raincoat.

Friday, September 17, 2010

For all the Pink Ladies

In all your beautiful shades of pink have a fabulous night!