Sunday, September 26, 2010

Honouring Rural Women

The Rural Women program run by Casella Wines is now in its second year. John Casella, Managing Director of Casella Wines designed the program to honour his mother, Maria Casella. He wanted to recognise women in regional areas of Australia who devote their lives to the well-being of their community in the same way that Maria has done in Griffith for her entire adult life.

This year, Casella Wines has joined with the Australian Women’s Weekly and The Land to find Australia’s most outstanding female citizens from rural communities.  You can  nominate someone that fits this bill. Tell  how they contribute and why you are inspired by them. You can enter from Friday 1 October, 2010 on this site.

John Casella and the Casella team hope that seven financial grants awarded to seven wonderful women will support them in their contribution to their communities and bring them the recognition they deserve.

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