Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Judith Lucy

I have always enjoyed watching Australian comedian Judith Lucy.  I like her style of humour and her ability to say the things I might think but never be game enough to say, so am looking forward to her new series.

Production has started in Melbourne on a new six-part series written by and starring Australia's favourite funny lady, Judith Lucy.

Judith Lucy's Spiritual Journey follows Judith's very personal path from devoutly religious child to determined young athiest to adult searching for something to believe in.

Produced by Todd Abbott, and directed by Brendan Fletcher and Judth's Late Show colleague Tony Martin, Judith Lucy's Spiritual Journey will put faith and beliefs, those often avoided subjects, firmly on the table for discussion and it will put Judith back on television, where she belongs.

Judith Lucy's Spiritual Journey will air on ABC1 in 2011.

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