Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Loving Sex and The Country in Hay, NSW

Not so very long ago the very talented and gorgeous Sharni from Sharnanigans had an idea to put together a 'Sex and the Country' photoshoot in Hay, NSW, or the One Horse Town as Sharni refers to it.  The photoshoot would celebrate meeting online friends and to show you can have an amazing time no matter where you live.  Using professional photographers and stylists Sharni was able to realise her dream.

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Hello, does this look familiar?  Walking down the main street of Hay as opposed to Manhatten

And this?
Hailing a ute instead of a cab


Love it!

I love that it shows stylish, confident and talented rural women and the best thing - the women are real women.
Sharni shows us that Dream it + Do it – the only obstacles are the ones you create!

Something tells me Sharni that you might just be onto something here and I wonder what you can come up with for next year?

Look here to view the fabulous women on their photoshoot

Sharni is also taking the Couch to 5k running program in an effort to raise money for The Afgans Womens Writing Project which is an issue close to her heart.   The AWWP helps women in Afghanistan have a voice, to be heard , to make sense of their world through the powerful tool of writing.

Pledge your support for Sharni now.

I have, have you?

What an inspirational and fabulous rural women.


  1. Thanks so much for this and your kind words. I am now determined to do something bigger and better next year!

  2. I think you would have huge support next time. What great ideas you have.