Friday, October 15, 2010

Off and Racing

Its racing season again.

With Bombala's big day looming this weekend and the forecast being a miserable 9 degrees, windy and raining, what's a girl to do?

A few hints from Cosmopolitan article

1.  Dress for the daytime not for the nightclub. Think colour and floatiness. If you’re planning to show a little cleavage in your dress skip the leg flash. Pick just one, not both… it's tempting to do both but race day calls for a little restraint.

2.  Wear a dress that suits your body shape. It doesn’t necessarily have to be right on trend. That’s what high heels and accessories are for.

3.  Avoid a messy hairdo. Go for sleek and stylish otherwise by the third race, a messy up-do could be mistaken for a bird's nest.

4.  Go for a small shoulder bag so you can use both your hands. Picture it: champagne in one hand, canapĂ© or races guide in the other.

5.  Wear waterproof make-up. Trust us.

6.  Above all, try your best not to turn into a drunken ladette. Break up your alcohol with some sparkling water now and then, and don't forget to eat.

Country Racing Victoria's Fashion Ambassador Sally-Anne Marshall advises that

"Dressing for the country races is far more fun too. You can wear a beautiful dress and hat, but don't have to trudge around in six-inch heels."

Great advice

  • Have a wet/cold weather back-up - Always make sure you have a wrap or jacket to compliment your race-day outfit. Goose bumps are not an ideal fashion accessory!
  • Choose an appropriate hat or fascinator - just ensure you chose one that’s going to work for you. You do not want to sit down to lunch in a wide brimmed hat and constantly worry about knocking into the person sitting next to you.
  • Test drive your shoes - There is nothing worse than wearing a fantastic pair of new shoes and then realising by the third race that they are not going to last the day. Always wear in your shoes, pack some band-aids just in case – you do not want to be carrying your shoes home!
  • Don’t wear an evening gown - The races are all about having a great day out and looking the part. Evening wear does not belong at a racetrack.
  • Dress up last year’s hat - You don’t need to spend a small fortune to look great at the races. Look at what you already have and revamp an old outfit by making a new trim for your hat or if you are feeling really creative make your own fascinator with a hair comb and some feathers.
So what if it is pouring with rain?

Personally I would take my advice from Lauren Bush who attended the Scone Picnic Races in 2004.  It was pouring with rain so what's a girl from Texas to do?

Wear her bashed and trashed cowboy boots with a pretty dress.

Love it and perfect for the wet.

Lauren also wore them into Moet and Chandon marquee at Derby Day
"Lauren Bush made her way into the Moet and Chandon marquee early in the afternoon in a white sundress trimmed with scarlet, a suitably first-lady-esque raspberry pillbox hat with a teeny veil, and bashed and trashed cowboy boots (she was born in Texas, after all)."  via

No matter what though if you are still looking for an outfit duck into Birdsnest in Cooma or online, they have some great race day outfits and can style you up in no time.

Happy Racing Ladies

Postscript:  And if it snows?

Its cancelled

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