Monday, November 22, 2010

The Road is Long...

Sharni of Sharnanigans and Sex and the Country fame has another project on the go.

She is up to week 3/4 of the Couch to 5 km running program and its all for a good cause - The Afgans Women's Writing Project - head over to Sharnanigans to read all about it.

The AWWP helps women in Afghanistan have a voice, to be heard , to make sense of their world through the powerful tool of writing.
She is asking for our pledge - that's all for now and then at the end of 9 weeks we pay up.

Sounds like a good reason to pledge to me.

Check out her jogblogs - who hasn't hid from a car before and what about the grasshoppers! Need I say more - they are very entertaining and you can almost taste the hoppers in your mouth and feel them down your shirt. She is doing it tough out Hay way and needs our support - and new shoes.

Country girls have to contend with all kinds of adversities and one of the worst is holes in our joggers while we jump puddles and slide in the mud if we are lucky enough to have had rain. We like to look good while we are puffing too.

So get behind the fabulous Sharni and help her get to the end of her 9 weeks.

Go girl

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  1. Thanks so much for your support I really, really appreciate your kind words and understanding. I so need me some new shoes too! The mozzies are thick here now too, one challenge after the other!!