Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So, you've got a 'Mental Illness' ... What now?

So, you've got a 'Mental Illness' ... What now? is a FREE new resource written entirely by mental health consumers – people who have been diagnosed with a ‘mental illness’.

The book provides an introduction to the mental health system from the perspective of those who have been there and experienced the system first-hand.

Beautifully illustrated with cartoons by Our Consumer Place staffer, ‘batty cartoonist’ and 2004 HREOC Human Rights Award winner, Merinda Epstein, and punctuated throughout with thoughts about ‘madness’, creativity, power, language and the human condition, this resource will appeal on many different levels.

The book is brimming with useful information, all from the perspective of people with lived experience of ‘mental illness’.

To receive a free copy of So, you've got a 'Mental Illness'? ... What now? visit

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