Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve

Although I won't be attending any of the fabulous parties pictured above (and they are fabulous) I will be spending my night with the ones I love in fabulous country style - and a special bottle of french bubbles.

Click below if you would like to watch the Sex and the City New Years scene.

We all need friends like this

Thursday, December 30, 2010


I am loving reading all the positive and inspiring blog posts about the New Year

The very idea that the direction of the next year is totally in your hands

and that you can make anything happen.

This post from The Simply Luxurious Life particularly caught my eye

“Someone once told me not to be afraid of
being afraid, because, she said,
‘Anxiety is a glimpse of your own daring.’
Isn’t that great? It means part of your
agitation is just excitement about what
you’re getting ready to accomplish.
And whatever you’re afraid of – that is
the very thing you should try to do.”

Hope the end of your 2010 means even more in 2011

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Loving... Christmas/New Year Break

Every year I allow myself this week to do - well, whatever.

I don't let myself feel guilty about it either

I don't even worry if I don't exercise

The Christmas/New Year break is totally self indulgent and enjoyable.

Enjoy the break

Monday, December 27, 2010

Its Getting Closer so Whats Happening?

New Year's Eve of course.

What are you doing?

Let us know about rural NYE events and we can post here.

Kids Needing Something to Work on in Holidays....

Australia primary and secondary students are invited to show their creative flair to the wider Commonwealth community to entering the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting CHOGM 2011 Student Postcard Competition.

School students are invited to created a printed artwork which depicts or represents one of the categories below:

Primary School student: Commonwealth in colour

Secondary School student: Working towards a common wealth

20 shortlisted entries from those received will be profiled on the CHOGM 2011 website with four (4) winning entries to be selected by public website vote and used as official CHOGM 2011 postcards.

Postcards will be provided to all CHOGM 2011 delegates and distributed widely at the CHOGM 2011, throughout Western Australia and online to the world.

Competition closes 1 April 2011

or more information, visit the website above.

Herds of Hope

Herds of Hope is a new national fundraising initiative, created by members of the Australian red meat industry in support of Ronald McDonald House Charities® (RMHC®) Australia.
RMHC has had a strong connection to the rural community since its establishment by McDonald’s in 1985, through its programs that largely benefit rural-based families whose sick children require treatment in metropolitan hospitals.

Through its long standing partnership with McDonald’s, the red meat industry has been given an insight into the invaluable work of RMHC across Australia. This year, members of the red meat community together with McDonald’s licensee and RMHC advocate, Tony Aichinger, saw an opportunity to create an initiative that would celebrate that partnership and most importantly, make a difference in the lives of many rural, regional and farming families.

Herds of Hope aims to bring together Australia’s beef and lamb industries to support RMHC with the donation of cattle and lambs either straight from the farm, via agents or at sale yards and auctions across Australia, which are attended by red meat industry members from around the country.

The founding members of Herds of Hope include the Australian Beef Industry Foundation, Cargill Beef Australia, Elders Rural Services, MAC, Allflex Australia, Rural Press and McDonald’s.
About RMHC

RMHC creates, finds and supports programs across Australia that help seriously ill children and their families. There are six major programs operated by the Charity:

• Ronald McDonald House Program: provides a home away from home for families of sick children being treated in hospitals. There are 13 houses across Australia, which accommodate over 5,000 families every year.

• Ronald McDonald Family Room Program: provides homely retreats within hospitals giving families a break from the stress of many hours spent by their child’s bedside.

• Ronald McDonald Learning Program: prevents children from falling behind in their education following absence from school due to illness.

• Ronald McDonald Family Retreats: provide families with seriously ill children a week’s free accommodation, enabling them to enjoy a holiday when they most need it and can least afford it.

• RMHC Cord Blood Banks: collect cord blood mainly as an alternative treatment for children suffering from diseases such as leukaemia and other cancers. RMHC is the major private funder of Cord Blood Banks in Australia.

RMHC Charlie Bell scholarship program: awards one off grants of up to $5,000 towards vocational and tertiary studies for children who have experienced serious illness.

About Herds of Hope

Herds of Hope will invite cattle and lamb producers to donate the proceeds of the sale of selected cattle and/or lambs from their herds to RMHC when they are sold, either direct from the farm to feedlots or processors, or via agents at sales across Australia.

RMHC will produce custom branded ear tags to identify donated animals ahead of sale. Elders is voluntarily facilitating the contribution to RMHC through an account set up in the Charity’s name, allowing producers to easily contribute as part of their regular sales process. Cargill Beef Australia will also process donations direct to RMHC from cattle sold to Cargill.

Herds of Hope will officially launch in December at selected sales in Victoria and will be rolled out across Australia between December and April 2011.

Herds of Hope is a new national fundraising initiative, created by members of the Australian red meat industry in support of Ronald McDonald House Charities® (RMHC®) Australia.

If you would like to donate please download the attached form or call Kelly Mancey on 02 9875 6705.

George Last – Elders
0427 349 273

Grant Garey – Cargill
0428 243 207

Sunday, December 26, 2010

And Now for the Sales.....

Are you like me and always leave just a little left over for the sales?



Female for Life

That should keep you busy for a while.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

For Christmas Night

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight