Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sharni Gets a Bit Closer

For those of you following and have already pledged to Sharni and the Afghans Womens Writing Project will know how determined and amazing she is.  Read her story here on previous posts.

This very cool country girl from Hay, NSW has raised  $2150 and counting. $10K is the goal.

While we are all beginning to groan with Christmas treats and parties Sharni is out running every day with the heat, flies and everything else that we love about living in the country.

She is beginning to get noticed by some well known people.  Melissa Hoyer, Mia Freedman and Melinda Tankard Reist have tweeted about her cause and others have pledged.

She is being outfitted by Female For Life  who love Australian women and I think is just perfect for her cause.

Some big companies have said no to pledging and helping out.

Wouldnt it be great if country businesses and women could get on board and help.

Sharni desperately needs a new pair of shoes for running.  There must be some Country Sports Stores who would be able to help her out and it means free advertising as Sharni is very generous with her acknowledgments.

Do you know someone who can help?

She is up to 3kms.

Very impressive.

Her local paper just ran a story about her cause.

Her goal is 5kms and $10,000

She is such a spunky country girl and am so glad that I come into contact with her.

Her partner is also a spunky cowboy - just for your info - and we all love Australian cowboys.

If you can help or know someone who can get behind Sharni.

I think country Australia is better than big companies anyway.


  1. BB you are such a great support, thank-you! Spunky cowboy was kind've pleased with that too hehe, you are right, i am going to try and get some small country supporters, big business is overrated!! thanks so much x

  2. Love your soundtrack on here! Do they know it's christmas time at all? LOVE it!