Monday, January 3, 2011

And so

at some point

the indulgence

has to stop.

After a few days, busting at the seams doesnt feel so good anymore

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and one knows that the time for resuming normal life must begin again

Piles of washing must be attended to

Floors swept and life must return to normal

Just in time for beach holidays

Summer in rural Australia is wonderful (unless you are under an unbelievable amount of water flowing down through our amazing country)

see images here at Cattle, Kids & Chaos and spare a thought for those affected by these real images.


  1. Oh I know! What a pain... l let my mind wander onto all the things lying in wait for me this week as we return to normal and it was just too much! Still, the show must go on at some point, may as well be tomorrow. (Great photos.) G

  2. hilarious photos! (all of course except the real life drama unfolding in qld at the moment!)
    Time to embrace those resolutions though (even the very small ones...)

  3. Sooo true. The indulgence has to stop! (Particularly after pulling jeans on yesterday for mustering!)
    Thanks for the compliment on the banner, I've been meaning to tell you the same for some months now.
    And also thankyou for the flood concern. We are fortunate to be unaffected, but so many people we know are in dire straits.

  4. Tomorrow - yes - actually that means today!