Monday, January 17, 2011

Can You Help Out With The 2011 Children's Books Flood Appeal?

The Queensland Rural Womens Network has thrown its support behind a novel Children's Books Flood Appeal that's being run by Judy Bandidt from Palmwoods.

Judy wants to collect as many books that would be suitable for children as possible and send them off to community organisations in flood-affected towns for distribution to children.

Reason?  Reading is wonderful escapism (remember the books that took you away from everyday troubles when you were a child?). So providing children with books right now might be one of the most healing things we can do.

Unfortunately books are also one of the most common casualties of flooding and many schools and libraries across the State have lost large parts of their children's libraries (many times all of it). Hence the need to go on a big book drive.
You can read Judy's full thoughts by emailing her for information behind her idea.  Anyone who'd like to help can contact Judy ASAP - either by emailing  or by phoning Judy on (07) 5478-5702 or (0427) 745-579.

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