Monday, January 31, 2011

Head on over to Blog This today and you will find that the lovely Kim has profiled Bushbelles.  So excited to be getting some exposure as its my goal this year to grow this blog.

Of course that begins after I have made school lunches, dropped children to all their various drop off points, cleaned the house, washed, cooked, ironed, made smoko, cleared out the mud room, completely clean out every child's bedroom and find discarded Christmas toys etc etc and then resume life as normal and the summer holidays will be just a lovely memory -  just like every other country women


  1. That sounds exactly like my day but without the endless gardening... was out last night at 9 o'clock Blood & Boning and watering agapanthuses, 75 of them. Have a lovely day! gxo

  2. Loving your instructions for a lovely day.

  3. Lovely blog. Great to read about other country women and their lives.