Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Meandering down Merimbula's village laneways finding loads of gorgeous boutiques

Stopping in for a cheeky purchase at Enhance U, a boutique which makes you feel glamourous just by walking in

Before stopping off for a Lychee Martini's or two at Wheelers Seafood Restaurant (consistently good food, drinks and service)

Discovering Australian label Vigorella which feels divine against your skin

 Big 4 Holiday Park Pambula Beach which has loads of activities for kids and keeps them super busy all day

Hanging out at the Broken Whore as my daughter kept calling it (by accident I hope)

Stylish bike riding of course

Playing on the beach even on overcast days

Mini golf with 2 yr olds (needs loads of patience)

Children discovering their favourite toy shop is closed (shock, horror, well it was after hours and planned that way)

Watching kids jump from the wharf and wishing I was brave enough to do it myself

Being able to buy a coffee whenever I pleased (those who live on farms will understand what a luxury this is)

And to finish...
 I am loving bad holiday photography because lets face it I am not much of a photographer and always seemed to be loaded up with bags, kids and coffee.  Quite unglamourous but I like to think we did it all in style.


I'll show you what I found in Pambula in another post.


  1. Ohhhh, so lovely to see Merimbula through another's lense. It's my stomping ground and so lovely to know others appreciate it too. I love Enhance U and Play too:) Can't wait to see your Pambule piccys - loving Pambula more and more these days. It's become the hub of creative lovliness.

  2. I love Pambula too, it is slowly coming into its own with all its little gorgeous shops.

  3. Great photos, great holiday... a bit of beach, some good coffee and a couple of cocktails always does the trick... gxo

  4. Hope you had a wonderful break Julia.
    ...ready to face a big new year.