Friday, January 21, 2011

Romance Writers Australia Flooded Communities Book Appeal

If like me you have loads of books that you just do not know what to do with but need to clear them out the solution is here.....

We've all seen the devastation the recent Queensland floods have wrought and have wondered how we can help. We know that for many affected families, books will not be high on their priorities list for some time to come.


We also know how valuable books can be in providing time out when reality gets tough.


With the aid of some wonderful volunteers, a Romance Writers of Australia Flooded Communities Book Appeal has been put together.

What we need?

FICTION BOOKS - Romance books, children's books, young adult books, genre books, whatever - either new or in sparkling condition.

Please send them to:

RWA Flooded Communities Book Appeal
PO Box 1717
Noosaville Post Office
Noosaville BC
Queensland 4566

When to send them?

Now! And any time over the next few months. The books will be boxed and delivered to the appropriate libraries/schools/neighbourhood centres/community centres in batches as soon as the communities are ready to receive them. We?ll be liaising with councils, libraries and schools to ensure this is done appropriately. Feel free to pop a note inside, or if you're an author, sign it.


If you have a question about donations, email Jess Anastasi:

If you work in a library / council / community centre / school in aflood affected area, email Rachel Bailey:


  1. What a brilliant idea! Thanks for the info will have to do this :)

  2. This is a terrific idea! I'll get my books together on the weekend!
    Megs :)