Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thank you

The gorgeous Georgie from St John's Wood, Q has surprised me out of the blue and very kindly passed on my first blogging award.

And what a stylish one at that.
I am thrilled and have to admit that I had never thought about blogging awards before.
So I now have to reveal seven things about bushbelles herself and pass it onto to 3 other stylish and in my opinion fabulous bloggers.  This has taken me some time as I had to really think about what I would reveal. So here goes.... 

  • I went to a girls boarding school in Sydney which most of the girls in my family have attended and have recently been to my 20 yr school reunion.  I loved it and still keep my close friends from school even closer.  I learnt so much about living independently and life in general.

  • I love the Sound of Music.  Anything Sound of Music.  Love.  And my girls do to. 

  • I am a country girl born and bred.  I have always loved living in the country.  The longer I am here the better it gets.  Somehow I just feel more connected.  I loved my time in the city but its nice to be home again and even better with a spunky stockman.

  • The last year for me has seen many moments of despair and my faith has been shaken like nothing else and finally understand what it is like to have complete and utter faith and let go.  Amazingly it works.  Funny that.  I hope I can live the rest of my life remembering that lesson. 

  • I love to laugh.  I love people who make me laugh. It is a magic remedy for anything and works wonders for your mental health and lets face it if we don't have good mental health we have nothing.

  • I love champagne. The real deal.  But will happily handle most other drinks. 

So now I hand this prestigious award onto the following fellow bloggers

Annie from My White Homestead because she is a country girl with great style
Annette from Under the Loupe another rural girl with fabulous taste who creates gorgeous jewels
Sophie from Red Dust Love because what country girl could resist the name of her blog

Today I also found my 50th follower. 
So thank you.


  1. What a beautiful post, and the pics are fantastic. George Clooney made my day!!

  2. I love your list. The pictures are gorgeous and I wholeheartedly agree with your point about champagne.

  3. Mmmmm George!! I've been telling my dear husband that if George ever comes into my life I will be forced to live with him in Italy!! Another great post :) Congrats on your stylish award and in turn a big THANK YOU for mine! xo

  4. Another batch of photos to make me smile and sigh. And great to get to know you a little better! Thanks so much for the award too :D