Monday, February 7, 2011


A certain 6 yr old girl wanted a French Party to celebrate her birthday

The adults enjoyed the game of pick the famous French person/place etc (probably not all that fun for 6 yr olds though)

A toy squeeze box added a certain authenticit√©. 
Photos were few and far between as it was a very busy day.
Sadly I cannot take credit for any of the ideas here.  They were found on wonderful blogs and websites.  Look here for more inspiration

All in all an exhausting and fabuleux day.



  1. How gorgeous. my girl just had her fairy 5th. i think i might steer her to the frenchy theme for her 6th, as i am over the fairy stuff!. gr8 inspiration. food for thought.

  2. I agree re fairys. We did fairy last year for my 3yr old and I wasnt going back there. We are all things frenchy and chic here now.

  3. Gorgeous. Just gorgeous.

    Love listening to the music on your blog. Currently playing "No One Knows You When You Are Down And Out"...! Love it.

  4. Possibly all of our children share birthday months???
    Beautiful celebration.
    I am a devoted fan of the profiterole, what a magnificent idea for a cake.
    Hope everybody had a wonderful time ... particularly the birthday girl.

  5. Oh yes - chez magnifique! (LOL, is that even French!?)