Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Opportunity for young artists and designers ArtStart Statewide

ArtStart NSW 2011 Design Brief

ArtStart NSW is looking to commission a young artist or designer (aged between 12 and 24) to develop a new design and tagline (slogan) to promote ArtStart NSW 2011. The successful artist will be paid a commission fee for the use of their design and tagline.

What is ArtStart NSW?

ArtStart NSW is an arts and cultural program designed for young people aged 12 to 24 in NSW. The program provides opportunities to learn new skills through participating in arts, music and performance workshops and projects. ArtStart NSW also gives young people a chance to exhibit and perform their work during a two-week festival which happens in over 20 regional and metropolitan centres in NSW and online at

Design brief

The ArtStart NSW Selection Panel will be looking for a design and tagline that:

* attracts the attention of young people and encourages them to get involved in ArtStart NSW 2011

* reflects the inclusive nature of ArtStart NSW and the diversity of young people who are involved

* can be adapted and reproduced for a variety of printed and online marketing purposes.

The design and tagline must be your own original idea and work. It can be in any style (e.g. abstract, figurative or graphic) and produced in any medium (e.g. painted, digital, photographic, collage). Examples of previous ArtStart NSW designs can be viewed at

The tagline should be no more than 5 words. Examples of previous ArtStart NSW taglines are 'Impress Yourself' (2009), 'Out of Your Shell' (2007), 'Your time has come' (1999). The tagline does not have to be visually included in the design you submit.


Send digital photos or scans of your design along with the Expression of Interest form (include your tagline in the space provided on the form).

Your digital artwork should measure around 210 X 297mm and the resolution should be 300 dpi. You can provide the artwork in jpeg, tiff or PDF formats. Please do not send your original artwork, but do keep a copy of the original. You may send as many designs and taglines as you wish.

How the ArtStart NSW 2011 design will be selected

The design will be selected by a panel of industry professionals, young people and TAFE NSW personnel. The panel will select the artwork and slogan which best meets the artist's brief.

How the successful design and slogan will be used

The design and tagline will be adapted and used for a range of promotional purposes for ArtStart NSW 2011 (e.g. website, posters, postcards, stickers etc).

Commission fee

The selected designer will be paid a $1,000 fee for the use of their design.

Submitting your entry

Expressions of Interests, design and tagline should be forwarded to:
MAIL: TAFE NSW Training and Education Support
Social Inclusion and Vocational Access Unit
PO Box 707, Ultimo, NSW 2007

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