Monday, March 14, 2011

What do I Wear to a Country Deb Ball?

Okay I need some help here.

What on earth do I wear to a Deb Ball with a Hollywood theme that won't scare the locals?

Loving these dresses just in at Cint Boutique in Forbes but unfortunately do not live close enough to just pop in and try them on (and could be slightly too daring).

As much as I love online shopping I may have left my run a little late.

Any ideas or great websites?

I'm thinking fur for warmth and sparkles and definately high high heels (although Flipsters for later).

What would you wear?


  1. Have you checked out Sacha Drake? She does a great dress you tie lots of ways (Ultimate Black Dress) which makes a gorgeous holter dress and you can control how daring it is. I have one and have worn it to super conservative and super trendy places and felt comfortable at both....

  2. Great idea, will check it out, thanks

  3. I'd be going old hollywood glamour - look for something plain in your wardrobe (or the local op shop) that you can change (even if your sewing skills are minimal like mine!)
    * plain
    * you can nip in the waist
    * you can draw the top down to a square or sweetheart line.

    Then add a multistrand necklace about 20 inches long, a diamonte brooch, largish diamonte stud or clip on earrings.

    And high heels of course!

    Oh, and if you can get a pair of seamed black stockings - hubba hubba!

  4. Actually, what size are you? I may have something.... (years of attending RAAF balls have a good side effect on the wardrobe!) Email me!