Tuesday, April 19, 2011

10thousandgirl Campaign

Do you ever get that feeling you need to do something around planning for your future and personal finances but don’t quite know how or where to begin?

Looking for inspiration, new ideas and direction?

Make a plan.

10thousandgirl is a social business that aims to improve the financial literacy of 10,000 young Australian women to inspire them to pursue their life plan with a confidence and independence backed by financial security. In the process of increasing individual wellbeing and strenthening our national economy, young women involved in the campaign contribute to the health and sustainability of our global economy.

Join the 10thousandgirl campaign in 2011 and be one of 10,000 young Australian women (15-40) working together to lead inspired, mindful and self-funded lives.

Join in by setting up your own plan for the future and financial foundations, and in the process make a global contribution to eradicating extreme poverty through the use of microfinance.

We call this the ripple effect.

Head on over to 10thousandgirl and find out about the many ways to become informed and inspired to get your plan and finances on track.

Find out if they are visiting a town near you.

Follow their blog here

Bushbelles loves anything that will inform and inspire so head over now to find out all about it.

Perhaps we can bring this campaign to more country towns to help rural girls?

The GIG(girl investment groups) sound fabulous.

It even has MP Kate Ellis's backing.

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