Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Back to School Mule

Red Tractor Designs by Rachael Flynn

Have your kids vacated the house back to school yet?

Recipe: 'Back to School' Mule
A refreshing 'white rum based' drink best consumed immediately after all children vacate the house for their first day of school for 2011....(joke).

Find the recipe here

and while you are there....

Looking for something for Mothers Day?

'Good Morning, Princess' - greeting 
Good Morning Princess
Loving the greeting card selection (so might Kate and Wills this week!)
The Drought Garden - greeting
the Drought Garden
The Artist - greeting
The Artist 
There are loads more and a delight to view.
Also check out the "Money for Jam" fundraiser idea where supporters can shop online with a unique code.  Great idea for schools etc.
Love, love, love these designs.  I always buy up big when I find a stockist.  I never tire of their creativity and relevance.

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