Friday, April 15, 2011

Friends of Platypus Country Railway Sidings

Are you passionate about the conservation of rail heritage?

For those who live in the Monaro region of NSW there is a facebook group called

Their interest is the restoration and preservation of Maclaughlin, Holts Flat, Jincumbilly and Bukalong Railway Sidings on the Bombala Line, in the Monaro region of southern NSW.

The objective of the group is to restore and preserve for cultural value, the buildings and infrastructure such as stock loading facilities, station signage, rail line, points and control mechanisms, water tanks, platforms and all items of nostalgia associated with the Rail Sidings on the Line to Bombala.

Through the effort's of like minded volunteers, fundraising and heritage grants, they hope to repair the buildings of the sidings to their orginal condition.

If you are interested check them out here

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