Friday, April 15, 2011

Jessica Rowe on motherhood and her new book

Read Jessica Rowe's article written for the Australian Women's Weekly here about her new book, Love Wisdom Motherhood.

She has interviewed well known Australian women about their stuggles with motherhood.

Jessica also talks about her own life and how it changed once babies came along.

As I am yet to read a copy I can only pass along what I have read in reviews but cannot wait to get my hands on a copy.  I think anyone who can break down sigmas around us is fabulous.

Jessica seems like an incredibly genuine, fun and fabulous lady.  One I would love to spend time with.  What courage and spunk she  has shown with her life splashed across the front pages.

And she always looks fabulous.

Read her blog here for a bit of sparkle in your day.
Jessica Rowe

I think we could almost make her an honoury rural women - what do you think?

Read Woogsworld review of the book launch here, it very funny but am more so wondering how does one receive invitations to fabulous events such as this one!

Loving that the Govenor General or rather the better title as described by Woogsworld as "The Governor General, Her Royal Fabulousness Quentin Bryce" was on hand to launch the book as well.

I love her and recently had my own brush with her Royal Fabulousness, and I have to agree she is fabulous and generously gave her time and thoughts for our local Debutante Ball sending a message to all the Debutantes

Thats a load of fabulouness for today.

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