Friday, April 8, 2011

Looking for the Territory's Best Ringer

The NT's Best Ringer 2011

ABC Rural is looking for the Territory's Best Ringer.

The Best Male Ringer and Best Female Ringer will be crowned in June.

A dustry muster in the Australian outback

Check the profiles of the entrants and look out for more on the map as entries are finalised!

Each winner will receive a brand new swag. The NT Country Hour team will also broadcast live from your workplace to help celebrate the occasion.

A Territory 'ringer' is a special breed of person.

Ringer George Hurst works for a contract mustering company.

On the outside, they may appear in a big hat, tight jeans and high-cut leather boots. On the inside, they possess a hardened determination, fearless energy and an immense pride in their job.

A ringer can take many forms in the Territory. They may work up a sweat shifting gears in a road-train; or slave over a hot oven cooking up a big feed for those on the station; or crunch the numbers and work the phone ensuring the best dollar for a mob steers.

They're always tough and tenacious.

There are those who can rope a scrub-bull from a chopper; whack up a 500-kilometre fence during the Dry season; or ride a newly-broken horse bareback and without a bridle ten kilometres from the cattle yards to the homestead.

And there are those who just work bloody hard with little reward or recognition.

Nominate someone who you think deserves the honour of the Territory's Best Ringer.

The nominee can be a pastoralist, a stock agent, male or female... anyone with an involvement in the cattle industry in the Northern Territory.

Kerrie Cokley is a lecturer at Charles Darwin University's Katherine campus.

You can nominate yourself or a friend. Whatever it is that you or your friend does in the Territory's cattle industry, ABC Rural want to hear from you.

Be sure to read the terms and conditions first before you...

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