Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Push - Your Town

Push is a fun new game all about pushing your photography skills to the limit and always striving to do better and be better, to be more creative and find something exciting in your everyday life.

Each Tuesday a new theme will be posted here on Hello Owl then it's your job to go off in the world and find something unique or quirky you would like to share.

When your done come back and post about it on your blog, twitter or facebook and then add the link below. Just because the theme is posted on a Tuesday it doesn't mean you can only play on Tuesday you can play along on a Wednesday or a Friday..or any day of the week. All themes will stay open for one month and you can add your post at any time. Were not big on time lines and rules around here so just have fun with it.

The only rule we have is that you link back to this post. That way more people will find us and they might want to play along too.

Each Sunday a winner will be announced. There's no prize but you do get your pretty photo displayed on my blog and link backs to your site and then at the end of the month all the winners will go into the draw to win a PRIZE. I haven't figured it out yet but it is going to be awesome, so make sure you play along.

This week's theme is: My suburb.

Lets all push our country towns.

Go here to view last weeks winner, Kim from Feather and Nest.

View Cinderella at Brindabella's entry here.

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