Sunday, May 29, 2011

Thinking of renovating your ski chalet?


Need a new cushion to snuggle with on cold winter’s night?

Check out Snow Angel.

Oh Deer cushionimage

Seriously loving these cushions and candles

Blizzard of Snowflakes Candle small image

Check out the website here

main image for Angel Info


Cushions image

How Good is This Man

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Thank Goodness He's A Country Boy

Do you know someone who wants to meet a country boy?

Thank Goodness he's a Country Boy

An event planning agency has started sending busloads of single women out to country towns, where the ratio of men to women is far more favourable.

Brie Petersen, a city girl, came up with the idea after visiting friends in the rural town of Mungindi in Queensland. During a night at the pub, the owner told her that he regularly received letters from single women in Brisbane and Sydney asking him to set them up with farmers. Similar pleas were being sent to the post office, he said.  via

The next busload of ladies will hit Wagga Wagga departing July 22nd

Get on board by registering at:

Follow the facebook page here

Read article about their trip to Tamworth here

Essential reading for these ladies:

The Farmer Has a Wife here

And any of our fabulous rural blogs give an honest appreciation of life in the country

Good luck ladies!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

I Love Australian Country Life...

Check out I Love Australian Country Life facebook page.

Lots of interesting facts and great pictures.

Australia's Newest Rural Author

Just found the website for Mandy Magro.

Mandy writes stories about the great Australian outback.

Rosalee Station is her first outback novel and her second, Jacaranda, is due out early 2012.  She is now working on her third novel, Melaleauca Homestead.

RosaleeStation front cover

You can win a signed copy of Rosalee Station by writing in 100 words or less about their most memorable experience in the outback. Be it because it was funny, scary, exhilarating, heart warming or just because it was downright pleasurable. I’m really looking forward to hearing about other people’s adventures in our magnificent country areas, be it anything from camping and fishing to mustering or pig hunting. So come on, tell me your stories. Who knows, I might use them in one of my upcoming novels! Please send all entries to

Hurry you don't have long....

The winner will be drawn on May 30.

TMT Deportment & Etiquette Academy

TMT Deportment & Etiquette Academy
TMT - Trisha Mary Telford offers deportment & etiquette courses for males and females.
TMT is located in Townsville, QLD, and while I am a long way from Townsville I adore the TMT facebook page
With four young children I am always looking for ways to help them improve their manners!
A few weeks ago I had an etiquette dilemma and thankfully Trisha was able to help me out.
I also had a query as to where I could find courses like she offers closer to me.  Whilst Trisha seems to be one of kind and not many courses like TMT are on offer near me, Trisha is hoping to expand her business and produce e-books for children.  What a fabulous idea!
Follow her facebook page here.
Trisha frequently puts up bits and bobs to remind us of the correct behaviour in different situations and also etiquette for children.
I am thrilled to now have a place to go for all my etiquette queries.
TMT Courses include:

Miss Manners 10-12 year old girls
Mr Manners 10-12 year old boys
Enhance Your Personal Impact - Teenagers
The Relevant P.A.G.E. of Etiquette - Ladies & Gentlemen
"I Do" - Marriage Etiquette
Mummy & Me - Mothers and their daughters
Get The Business Edge - Businesses wanting more professional staff
High Tea & Afternoon Tea Etiquette - Ladies

The last pair standing

Locally made woollen socks from Crookwell in NSW

There's nothing like a home-made woollen sock! A mother and son team from Crookwell in NSW, are using 40 year old sock knitting equipment from Europe to produce 40,000 socks a year.

Read story here

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Letting Little Girls Be Little Girls

SUGAR AND SPICE Girl's Wall Quote


Love, love, loving....

From where I sit looking out across the paddocks with limited visability because of mist which feels like ice. I can picture myself in this Decjuba knit right now.

I feel warm and cosy just looking at it.

Its a must have.

What are you wrapping up in today?

Mary Had a Little Lamb

On this day (actually yesterday, but who's quibbling?) in history... The "Mary Had a Little Lamb" nursery rhyme was first published in 1830. Who loves this nursery rhyme?  Woolmark

Mary had a little lamb 2 - WW Denslow - Project Gutenberg etext 18546.jpg

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What Are Your Top Three Challenges?

Head on over the the Foundation for Australian Agricultural Women (FAAW) facebook page and tell them what your top three challenges being a rural women are....

Foundation for Australian Agricultural Women - FAAW