Friday, May 6, 2011

OCRF Witchery White Shirt Campaign

The Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) is proud to announce the launch of OCRF White Shirt Day 2011. On May 19 2011, Australians are invited to show their commitment to fighting ovarian cancer and supporting the thousands of Australian women and their families who are affected by this insidious disease.

The inaugural White Shirt Day is an OCRF initiative to garner collective support for this important cause. Ovarian cancer may not be the most common cancer in women but it is certainly one of the most life-threatening. There are no discernable symptoms for ovarian cancer and currently there is no early detection test. As such, the disease is usually well-advanced when diagnosed and subsequently the mortality rate is tragically high.

By wearing a white shirt, of any brand or style, on May 19, with a touch of silver, the OCRF will ask the Australian public to show their support for women and their families impacted by the disease and help the Foundation raise funds for much-needed research.

Witchery has announced the launch of the 2011 White Shirt Campaign, with the aim of raising funds and awareness for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF).

This year, the White Shirt Campaign has received pledges of support from well-known ambassadors who have generously agreed to donate their time and energy to raise awareness of ovarian cancer. Supermodel Pania Rose, celebrity chef Justin North, Olympic swimming legend Michael Klim and other leading celebrity talents will band together and use their star power to help fight for this worthy cause.
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There are various ways to show your support

Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. White Shirt Day. Wear it your way with a touch of silver.

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