Saturday, May 28, 2011

Thank Goodness He's A Country Boy

Do you know someone who wants to meet a country boy?

Thank Goodness he's a Country Boy

An event planning agency has started sending busloads of single women out to country towns, where the ratio of men to women is far more favourable.

Brie Petersen, a city girl, came up with the idea after visiting friends in the rural town of Mungindi in Queensland. During a night at the pub, the owner told her that he regularly received letters from single women in Brisbane and Sydney asking him to set them up with farmers. Similar pleas were being sent to the post office, he said.  via

The next busload of ladies will hit Wagga Wagga departing July 22nd

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Good luck ladies!!

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  1. Oh dear - they won't know what's hit them (either of them!). You're right, some of those posts from current farmer's wives should be mandatory reading!