Friday, May 27, 2011

TMT Deportment & Etiquette Academy

TMT Deportment & Etiquette Academy
TMT - Trisha Mary Telford offers deportment & etiquette courses for males and females.
TMT is located in Townsville, QLD, and while I am a long way from Townsville I adore the TMT facebook page
With four young children I am always looking for ways to help them improve their manners!
A few weeks ago I had an etiquette dilemma and thankfully Trisha was able to help me out.
I also had a query as to where I could find courses like she offers closer to me.  Whilst Trisha seems to be one of kind and not many courses like TMT are on offer near me, Trisha is hoping to expand her business and produce e-books for children.  What a fabulous idea!
Follow her facebook page here.
Trisha frequently puts up bits and bobs to remind us of the correct behaviour in different situations and also etiquette for children.
I am thrilled to now have a place to go for all my etiquette queries.
TMT Courses include:

Miss Manners 10-12 year old girls
Mr Manners 10-12 year old boys
Enhance Your Personal Impact - Teenagers
The Relevant P.A.G.E. of Etiquette - Ladies & Gentlemen
"I Do" - Marriage Etiquette
Mummy & Me - Mothers and their daughters
Get The Business Edge - Businesses wanting more professional staff
High Tea & Afternoon Tea Etiquette - Ladies


  1. What a great idea - we've all become so casual that its easy to forget what is 'right'! But isn't it nice to see when we do see that 'right'!

  2. Annette I couldn't agree more about noticing the 'right' and focusing on the positive ways people show respect and display their manners for all see. When i'm out and about finding ways to make a social comment about etiquette I find it more rewarding looking for positive examples rather than negative ones. I think people are genuinely trying to become more conscious about how they treat others and that's what manners are really about. Trisha@TMTDeportment & Etiquette Academy

  3. Over the last two days Trisha Telford has presented the course TMT Deportment and Etiquette program to my school. And in those two days she has been one of the most respectful, well mannered, and understanding woman I have meant. In only two days! It was a different experience for me and the class, but it showed us to have more pride and confidence in ourselves. To be well mannered and have the point of power in the decisions we make. Just wanting to say thank you Mrs Telford for the course and opening our eyes to the reality of things.