Monday, May 23, 2011

Winter Goddesses part deux

Wondering what winter goddesses do on the Monaro during the long cold months?

Well of course there's skiing and snow play

But  there's also rugby

and soccer

and rugby

and tennis

the idea of a bookclub at the local cafe is a great idea but in reality I think we would just talk too much

dinner parties with good friends while the kids watch DVD's and snooze in the next room (on a good night)

and there is always a red by the fire in my home

snuggling in bed with the kids (ok its not us but I think we could give Angelina and Brad a run for their money)

Monaro girls are also gutsy (we drive to work in this)

 and lastly we know how to rug up against the elements (its all about the layers)

and my fav winter outfits at the moment (all put together by Birdsnest - makes Monaro girls, and girls everywhere, lives much easier and stylish)...


perfect for parent teacher interviews (at least I would look together)

canteen duty at Netball (yes they play rain, hail, or snow)

Quick trip into the shops (actually I rarely have quick trip, to much fun to be found on Monaro streets)

lunch with the girls

running errands for the boys

school dropoff

Trivia nights (at least I would look smart)

And the ultimate winter goddesses

The Birdsnest girls of course

They help us all feel and look good for life on the Monaro

(pictured at Dalgety Women's Day - thanks Danielle)


  1. What a great post ! Its much the same up here on the Central Tablelands and I think I need to take inspiration with some of those outfits - I too would look more "together"!

  2. I would wear any of those outfits....!

    Thank you for another lovely post.