Tuesday, June 28, 2011


The Cotton Research and Development Corporation is the statutory authority that provides strategic support to industry through targeted investment in research and development. It is funded by levies from the cotton industry and matching funds from the Australian Government.

The corporation is constituted under the Primary Industries and Energy Research and Development Act 1989.

The government is seeking to appoint five to seven non-executive directors to the corporation from 1 September 2011.  Appointment to these part-time positions will be for up to three years.

The Cotton Research and Development Corporation works to foster a profitable and internationally competitive cotton industry by investing in research and development on a cooperative, partnership basis with industry participants, other research and development organisations and the general community.

The Strategic R&D Plan 2008–2013 sets out the framework for the current investment strategy. The plan is available on the corporation’s website.

Applications are invited and will be assessed by a selection committee.

Appointment is based upon the skills and experience of an applicant in one or more of the following fields:

• cotton production, processing or marketing

• management or conservation of natural resources

• science, technology or technology transfer

• environmental and ecological matters

• economics or finance

• administration of research and development

• business management

• sociology

• public administration.

Written applications should address the relevant fields of expertise listed above and be accompanied by a brief curriculum vitae that includes the names of three referees, career and personal details. Applications should not exceed four (4) pages. Applications should be submitted by email to:

Ms C Hawkins, Presiding Member, Cotton Research and Development Corporation Board Selection Committee
Email: applications@cinnabarint.biz

Applications close on Wednesday 13 July 2011.
For more information regarding the CRDC please visit http://www.crdc.com.au./

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  1. It's just right that the government gives attention to cotton industry. It's where we all rely into for comfort and style in our daily lives.