Wednesday, June 29, 2011

City Dwellers Coaxed To The Country With $7000 Grant

From the first of July, there will be even more reasons for city families to try a tree change.

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Seven thousand of them to be exact.

Under a new State Government plan, anyone who sells a home in Sydney, the Central Coast, Wollongong or Newcastle, and buys another on a country area, will be paid a Regional Relocation Grant of seven thousand dollars.

The grants is available to everyone, with only two conditions - the house being bought must be worth six hundred thousand dollars or less, and it must be the buyer's primary residence for at least one year.

Wagga Mayor, Wayne Geale, has welcomed the move.

“It's just another good little incentive for people to come.”

He hopes the initiative will attract more people to the region.

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“I guess that's people's removal costs, and it's a good deposit on a home or a bigger home if they are moving from Sydney. I think it can only do us good.”

The public are divided.

Some say it's a great idea.

“I think it would be a great idea.”

“I say it's pretty good. It's a great incentive.”

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“If it's enough incentive to get people moving I think it'll be fabulous.”

While other says it's not enough.

“I don't know whether it's quite enough to get people to the country but I wish it would be enough.”

“I disagree with it. By the time people spend their $7000 to move to a country town they've got not money left, they've got to find a job here which is harder than what it is in the city.”

“I do live in Sydney and I don't think it would be enough to tempt me away from Sydney.”

He may be biased, but Cr Wayne Geale believes there's no place better than Wagga.

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“We've got good facilities all round, it's pleasant to be in, you don't have to travel hundreds of kilometres to get to anywhere, it's good for kids. There's just so many reasons, they'd be mad to stay in Sydney.”
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