Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Look out Wagga

Personally I have never arrived home to this but would love to hear if anyone has?  Do country boys really go to this much effort?


  1. If they did I reckon they would get more than one busload of ladies coming to Wagga.

    Never happened to me - must have met the wrong farmer...!

  2. Ha,I agree!! Maybe we should all sell our farmers image in this way

  3. I wouldn't know what's underneath CP... do country boys really even shave their chests? LOL PS: I thought CP was buff, but that guy is awesome! And PPS: CP - if he was watching this - would comment on the impracticality of it all... mozzies, burrs, prickly heat etc... LMAO

  4. I may be actually worried if I arrived home to find my farmer in this state!!!