Friday, July 29, 2011

A Different Point of View

I have never found much to like about a -7 degree frost

But this morning my 4yr old daughter couldn't believe the amount of sparkles we were surrounded by on our early morning trip to the school bus

She was right

Everything was sparkly

The sheep were even sparkly

It was rather magic

I saw the frost through sparkly eyes this morning for the first time ever

Now I will remember that I am surrounded by sparkles every morning.

What a way to start our day!!


  1. What a wonderful, fresh set of eyes your daughter has given you! You are very blessed.

  2. oh i so love this post. right up my sparkle alley.
    certainly warmed up my wintery day.
    what a wonderful collection. thanx for sharing

  3. I want to see the sparkly sheep!! Great shots...
    BB (the other bush chick!)

  4. Maybe sparkly sheep are tomorrows project for me!!

  5. One can never have too much sparkle in their life. Beautiful

  6. What a gorgeous way to see a frost - sparkly! I love the frost. Love winter. Sparkly, lovely winter. xx