Friday, July 22, 2011


Friday afternoons always leave me feeling like I should be sitting in a bar somewhere with a drink in my hand.

A hangover from the days when I use to live and work in Sydney

Favourite haunts were The Oak @ Double Bay

Royal Oaks Hotel

The Bellevue @ Paddington

Hotel, Pub, Restaurant, Sports Bar, Sydney: Bellevue Hotel

The Lord Dudley @ Paddington

and later we could always found at Mansions @ Kings Cross

and if I really want to show my age The Aussie Rules Club which is now know as Club Swans (hasn't got the same ring to it if you ask me)

and remember the Bourbon and Beefsteak next door

The Bourbon's website says it is "renowned as undoubtedly being one of Sydney’s most beautiful and stylish venues".

I kind of don't remember it as being as such but will believe them and it has been a while since I frequented its doors.

There were others of course than those mentioned above, but they are the ones that spring to mind.

So on Friday's where are or were your favourite bars/pubs and clubs.

Are you like me and always feel a yearning for a cold glass in your hand on a Friday afternoon or is that just me?

Did you ever frequent the above establishments?  We may have crossed paths.

Is 4pm too early to open a bottle of sparkling?

Here's to Friday afternoon drinks and happy memories!


1 comment:

  1. It's definitely not just you!
    And never feel you'll be drinking alone ... a couple of thousand k's north, I'll be taking the top of a bottle this evening, like every other Friday.
    Go Team Patrick!