Friday, July 22, 2011

Wife Swap

The Lifestyle Channel is making a reality series about modern family life.

In Wife Swap Australia, two wives swap homes and husbands for 7 days to take on a new family.

The show is not about sex, it's about relationships and lifestyle.

The new wife will sleep in the spare bedroom.

The producers are looking to represent a range of lifestyles and values  They would like to feature an Australian family who live in a rural or remote location. It would provide the audience with a unique insight into both the advantages and challenges of living in rural Australia (juggling work, parenting, home tutoring, house/farm duties), especially when seen through the eyes of the "new wife".

It's a side of Australian life that is not often seen on television and an opportunity to make Australian television more inclusive and diverse. For the families who take part, it will be both an adventure and a learning experience.

The Isolated Children's Parents' Association of Australia (ICPA) is encouraging rural families to consider this idea.

Our very own "The Farmer Has a Wife"  is applying.  I think she would be perfect for the job.

I say best of luck and I really hope you are chosen.  I think its a brilliant idea and very brave of you.

The farmers wives I have mentioned it to like the idea of going away for a break!!

More information and application here 
Call Toll Free - 1300 885 165
Follow the Wife Swap Facebook page here
Let us know if anyone else is applying.

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  1. Have just completed a one hour phone interview today. Will keep you posted... xxx