Friday, September 30, 2011

Here's To Long Weekends....

Whatever you are doing this long weekend

Have a ball!!

Kiss The Groom

Loving this website

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Kiss the Groom celebrates life, love and kisses!

Visit the website and you will find first hand personal kissing stories.  Little kisses stories devoted to life after weddings, stories about nuptials and my favourite, The Kissing Tree.

(am seriously in love with these shoes!! via)

You can also submit your own kiss and tell story and be listed on the kiss counter.

And the best bit, the photography.

Check it out and I promise you will romantically fall into the long weekend!

Can you buy nothing new for a month?

Buy Nothing New Month is a campaign promoting conscientious consumption.

From September 1, make the Pledge to Buy Nothing New during October (hit the pledge button and enter your details.) Entries can be a diary, a blog, a month of tweets, a YouTube clip. Be Creative. Be Resourceful. Just Buy Nothing New. Upload entry via

Winner will get $5000

Do I Stay or Do I Go....Home

A snippet of how I am spending school holidays every day.

Not outside one of the local pubs but filling in time doing one of many things...

Catching up on reading, coffee, exercising, snoozing, lunch, walking aimlessly up and down the main street, coffee, chatting to anyone who comes into my line of sight, visiting, coffee, watching sport/dance/assembly's, talking to strangers, fundraising, helping on street stalls, waiting for vehicles to be serviced, shopping for the men, etc.

You name it, I've done it.

I seem to spend an extraordinary amount of time waiting for children/parts/appointments in town.

I have to weigh up the option of whether to go home every day.  We do not live hours from town but enough to make me wonder if it's worth it, then turning around to travel back into town or staying in town if its only 1-2 hours between activities (it's a big sentence and a big decision).  I struggle with it every day.

School holiday's bring semi-relief.  The idea of a full day at home is bliss.

How do rural mums fill in time in town whilst waiting for kids/appointments etc?  I feel like I waste so much time in town doing nothing very constructive and am always looking for ideas!

Thursday, September 29, 2011



Redkite supports children and young people with cancer and their families through the entire cancer journey. Redkite’s vital services include emotional, financial and education support and are available to families in all major cities, regional areas and remote locations across Australia.

Redkite aims to ensure that every child and young person with cancer in Australia is empowered to cope with the emotional, social and practical consequences of their diagnosis.

Redkite Dare to Dream Scholarships for cancer survivors and young people with cancer

Redkite Dare to Dream Scholarships are available for 15 to 24 year olds who have cancer or who are cancer survivors. You can apply for a scholarship yourself or nominate someone.

•Achieve education goals (can be at high school, at a tertiary level or work related)
•Pursue work and career aspirations
•Follow a passion for a particular area of interest (this doesn’t have to be education or work related)

Key dates

The Redkite website has loads of information, ways to get involved and you can also donate to them.  It has a wealth of resources and worth checking out especially if you are a rural family.

Follow Redkite on facebook here

North Star Giveaway

To coincide with North Star being selected as one of the 50 Books You Can't Put Down for 2011, Karly Lane is having a giveaway.

Simply enter your details in the form here for your chance to win a signed book. Names picked at random and winner announced on the 30th September, 2011. Good luck!


Win a $1000 birdsnest wardrobe and stylist!

Missy Confidential is running a great comp at them moment with a huge prize from Birdsnest.  All you have to do is tell your friends about Missy Confidential, and you'll be automatically entered into their competition to WIN a $1000 shopping experience at one of our favourite online stores,

The lucky winner will also receive exclusive access to Holly, the birdsnest stylist, for some personal styling advice (am thinking I really need to win this prize!)

Go here for all the info

Good luck

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Calling all Young women from rural, regional and remote Australia

This project will strengthen rural women farmer and related business networks by building capacity among young women in rural, regional and remote Australia.

Women who undertake this program will improve their knowledge, skills, networks, support systems and rural business leadership capabilities through online learning programs via NRWN (National Rural Women’s Network), creating a greater diversity of future rural women leaders from a range of backgrounds and interests.

Please read through the details here and complete the application form on the website if you would like to take part.

For more information contact:
Sandra Stoddart
NRWC Executive Officer

It's Morning!

As seen over at Table Tonic this morning I can not think of better words to start the day!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Calico on the Catwalk

Recently over at Farmer has a Wife blog penned by Alice Gorman, she did a blog post on the Calico on the Catwalk parade from the annual Arts Festival – a week-long showcase of the gifted, creative people who live around Boonah, QLD. 

The local high school students also performed dance and drama segments which were weaved through the fashions.

Looking through the pictures I was so impressed.

Head on over here to Alice's blog to view more of the fabulous fashions.

{All images courtesy of Heather Wehl}

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Check out the Sexy Australian Farmers!

We want more!

Dreamy Weekends

Hope your weekend is enchanting


Off to start on a bottle of Pinot to warm me up on this cold afternoon.