Friday, September 30, 2011

Do I Stay or Do I Go....Home

A snippet of how I am spending school holidays every day.

Not outside one of the local pubs but filling in time doing one of many things...

Catching up on reading, coffee, exercising, snoozing, lunch, walking aimlessly up and down the main street, coffee, chatting to anyone who comes into my line of sight, visiting, coffee, watching sport/dance/assembly's, talking to strangers, fundraising, helping on street stalls, waiting for vehicles to be serviced, shopping for the men, etc.

You name it, I've done it.

I seem to spend an extraordinary amount of time waiting for children/parts/appointments in town.

I have to weigh up the option of whether to go home every day.  We do not live hours from town but enough to make me wonder if it's worth it, then turning around to travel back into town or staying in town if its only 1-2 hours between activities (it's a big sentence and a big decision).  I struggle with it every day.

School holiday's bring semi-relief.  The idea of a full day at home is bliss.

How do rural mums fill in time in town whilst waiting for kids/appointments etc?  I feel like I waste so much time in town doing nothing very constructive and am always looking for ideas!


  1. I do coffee or lunch with friends who I rarely see. I do Christmas/birthday/random present shopping and find that I am always prepared for big life events well before they actually happen. I (occassionally) get my hair/nails done. I sit at the park with the kids. *sigh* You're 100% right about the feeling like I waste a lot of time when I go to town though... xxx

  2. I also live in a very small town which means very few shops and as much as I would love to shop I can only look at the same thing so much.... I also do alot of online shopping as I have more choice.

  3. I don't run around after kids but when I go to a town other than the one the office is in for a couple of meetings and have time to kill in between you can often find me in the passenger seat of the car with my laptop fired up, catching up on emails properly, writing (for work or pleasure), reading blogs :). I've recently started using the local library too for when I actually need a desk, and a powerpoint!