Monday, October 17, 2011

Art4Agriculture 2012

In 2012 Australian Year of the Farmer is teaming up with Art4Agriculture to deliver one of the country's most exciting education programs. Art4Agriculture's successful Archibull Prize and Cream of the Crop competition will be delivered to more than 9,000 primary and secondary schools across the country.


The Art4Agriculture programs are fun and engaging, combining elements of Visual Arts, Science, Maths, Geography and English as well as Media Studies to explore the role of farming in Australia and win exciting prizes.

Teachers and students will be provided with interactive learning materials demonstrating how farmers play a key role in helping to sustain our way of life and our economy. Armed with general knowledge, students will be encouraged to enter the Cream of the Crop Competition.

The Cream of the Crop asks students to create a short story, speech, poster artwork or digital media project under the theme "What does it take to feed and clothe my family for a day?"

Cash prizes will be awarded to primary and secondary school students in each state.

A minumum of 10 Schools in each State who enter the Cream of the Crop competition will be invited to enter the Archibull Prize. The Archibull Prize expands on Cream of the Crop theme and provides each school with a life size fibreglass cow on which to create an artwork to explore the theme "What does it take to feed and clothe my local community for a day?" The best entries in each state will be announced at an Awards Ceremony in their honour .

Each State's winning School team participating in the Archibull Prize will travel to the Australian Year of the Farmer Rural Innovation and Technology Expo where they will present their work and the final winner will be announced and awarded the National Archibull Prize.
To register your School's interest in the Australian Year of the Farmer Art4Agriculture Program go here.

Australian Year Of The Farmer

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