Friday, October 28, 2011

Disasters Affect us in Many Ways

Damage to or destruction of homes, property and cherished belongings together with the obvious physical effects including loss of loved ones, pain or physical challenges are usually apparent. Initial short-term emotional effects such as fear, acute anxiety, grief, emotional numbness etc are very common.

However the emotional impact of a disaster often manifests some time later and can continue for many years to come.

The Australian & New Zealand Disaster and Emergency Management Conference in Brisbane from April 16 to April 18 next year will feature streams on the emotional impact of disasters (adults, children, volunteer workers etc) and also a workshop on ‘The warning signs of fractured communities’ and the call for papers is now open on the conference website –

The conference committee are keen to create a comprehensive forum that will grow to become an annual event that will take place either in Australia or New Zealand in years to come and as such would like to see the conference offer professionals (and future professionals) including relevant health care professionals an opportunity to advance and improve approaches, thoughts and opinions and develop expertise, competencies and aptitudes relating to information and facts surrounding preparedness for future disasters, emergencies and hazards and the ability to recover from them quickly and efficiently.

Please feel free to also submit your ideas re suitable workshops/sessions etc that you believe we should consider including in our conference – please email

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