Saturday, October 22, 2011

Great Writing Opportunity for Rural Writers

Copeland Publishing is planning to run a series of articles in our ‘Child’ magazines next year that will help to inform our mainly city-based readers about issues relating to families living in the country.

They would be very interested to hear from any experienced freelance writers/journalists based in country areas (anywhere in Australia) who might be interested in writing feature stories of about 1800 words in length for the series.

Copeland Publishing produces the monthly (except for our combined December/January edition) parenting magazines Adelaide’s Child, Brisbane’s Child, Canberra’s Child, Melbourne’s Child, Perth’s Child and Sydney’s Child.

All of these magazines are FREE and are distributed wherever parents and children go – primarily through schools, education and health centres, and businesses that cater to families.

They reach about one million parents, from all socioeconomic groups, 11 times a year. They hope to run the series of articles mentioned above in all of these papers.
The first two editions for 2012 have educational themes, and the article in the series for our February 2012 Back-to-School edition might cover issues such as the necessity for some country families to send their children to boarding school and/or be about very small country schools that have to cater for children of all ages and all the factors that flow from this.

For the March edition, we wondered about it covering distance education/school of the air and so on.


But we would of course be most interested to hear other views about what these articles might cover.

If you are interested in writing for the series, please email Suzie Longstaff, Group Managing Editor, at as soon as possible.

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