Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Country Web - Submit Your Story Now

The theme for the No.56 edition of The Country Web is 'Our Farmers. Out Future. It will join in the 2012 national celebration of Australian Year of the Farmer.

The Country Web No.55 Cover

This very special year will put the spotlight on how important primary industries are to all of us no matter where we live. Farmers contribute to just about every aspect of our life - farming feeds, supports and sustains us with all sorts of produce.

We want to hear your stories about how women in particular have played a key role in shaping and building primary industries. Women have often been unrecognised and we are looking for stories of how they have excelled across our rural communities, displaying innovation, creativity, determination and resilience.

We're looking for:

  • Stories of women who have played a key role in shaping and building primary industries;
  • Stories of women farmers from a range of industries who are doing
  • something innovative or creative to remain viable;
  • Stories of young rural women who have chosen farming as their career and are contributing to life in small rural communities;
  • Poems about rural life;
  • Latest books from rural authors about life on the land (contact us for our 'Book Placement Request Form' - costs apply to have your book featured).
  • Postcard or a photo (view from your verandah) and a short description about why you love life on the land and what's so special about your little piece of the country (up to 200 words).
2012 also heralds the 20th Anniversary of the Rural Women's Network and we welcome any reflections or memories of your involvement in Network activities.

If you are interested in submitting something please:
. Final content is required by 16 December for publication in March 2012.

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