Thursday, November 24, 2011

Have 4WD Will Travel

I was very interested to read that the lovely Mia Freedman along with Jennifer Hawkins and Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton of Sass and Bide fame are the new Range Rover Evoque "City Shaper" ambassadors.

They each received their new Range Rover Evoque last week at the Opera House and good luck to them I say.

Jealous much - hell yes.

But it did make me wonder why all the ambassadors for these items are always in the city.  Surely country folk count for something.  I do understand that the above vehicle is a city car so it would not suit my country roads anyway.

I really do need a 4WD - a real one.

Why don't they set me up to be an ambassador for a real 4WD.

I need a vehicle that can comfortably hold 4 children plus friends.  One that will do many, many long trips - lets face it, that is most days.  One that can drive through snow, rain, floods, bull dust, mud, grass, over rocks and through plagues of locusts.  I need to be able to tow a horse float and a trailer.  I need a vehicle that can handle tough dirt roads and roads covered in potholes.  (atm I am waiting for one of my shocks on my current vehicle to be fixed from rough roads!) I need control and speed.  And lets not mention the dirt, oh the dirt!  I don't need dirt but I live with it and everything is covered with it.   And yes I like luxury too.  I wouldn't mind a "honking great sound system", lord knows I drive with music blaring - mostly to block out the children whining on long trips, which I have said is most days. TV screens for long trips - yes well lets face it most trips are long trips in the bush.  360 degree safety cameras would be great too but I do pride myself on my parking so I could actually give the parking system that parks for you a miss.  I like to be independent.  And useful.  I like to think I can actually drive a car, (even though my husband would debate that).

Toyota pride themselves on having the earth's greatest 4WD.  Really.  Well let me have a go at it. 

Plenty of room.  Liking the idea of a cooler box as well, water is a necessity on a long trip.

Nissan - well lets see, I have always been a Toyota driver, but what can you do for me?

I like their safety features and storage ideas.

Mostly I just want something that is sturdy and safe, (doesn't have to be huge) - and I will need to occasionally wear a heel with it so it has to look good as well.


What do you drive?
What would you like to drive?
What is the best vehicle for country roads?

And would Toyota and Nissan etc ever have country ambassadors?

After all we are the folk who buy the vehicles for our road conditions.

Good luck to the Range Rover ambassadors, maybe they could spread the word that country folk are open to being ambassadors as well!  (And I could really work a 4WD - even a city 4WD)

And check out the Mamamia post, it has generated lots of debate.



  1. How I hear you on this one... who is more appropriate to report back on a 4WD? Seriously... TOYOTA are you LISTENING???

    I think they might be worried we'd dent them... or cover them in red dust. *looks over shoulder*

  2. I drive a Toyota Prado and love it. Although I do often hanker after a 70 series ute, but then I couldn't carry all the kids.
    I love the stereo, the power everything, the cruise control, the fact that I can carry 8 people in it but what I love most is that I can carry my 2 tool kits, 2 chainsaws (and assorted stuff that goes with that), a brushcutter, some fencing stuff, a couple of bags of stock feed, a bale of hay, a change of clothes, piano books, dancing stuff, riding stuff, and kids. The kids do occasionally whinge about having to share the back seat with a couple of feed buckets but it's better than walking:)
    (Yes, apart from the kids all that stuff is in the back of the car at the moment).
    What I don't like is that it cost $640 for 2 new tyres yesterday (without wheel alignment) and that my husband keeps trying to wash the dust/mud off it!

  3. I think Deb & Bushbabe would be fab Toyota Ambassadors (& Me too). Toyota are you listening!!

  4. Nissan to ... I do have to say their xtrails are an excellent small 4WD ... I have only bogged mine twice (so I figure I am doing well) and have only hit very few wildlife without a dint to show (GREAT bull bar)also can tow a toyota with it so it does have some grunt. It handles the rough, dirt road rather well but I do wish more people made the all terrain tyres for it cause they are a pain in the butt to get out here. It is great for carrying kids, calf powder, lick, boxes and boxes school work, kids creations and the way the seats go down makes it perfect for fitting in a swag for the nights out with the girls at races, shows and rodeos. Also if you have the right colour the dust just looks like a two tone paint job, kinda lol.