Sunday, November 6, 2011

Opportunity to be Involved - Australian Year of the Farmer

Are you passionate about the future of farming?
Do you have a story to tell about your own career in agriculture?
What are your ambitions for agribusiness?
Do you belong to a group of people already proactively networking in rural Australia.

We want to talk to you...

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Australian Year of the Farmer is looking for talented committed communicators to help raise awareness of the contribution agriculture makes to the lives of all Australians.

The National Roadshow

The National Roadshow is one of the critical components of the ‘Australian Year of the Farmer’. A team of eight (8) Toyota vehicles and one main ‘Royale unit’ will be leading the way for our fun, interactive, educational trailers laden with various forms of tactile, visual and audio style elements. The yearlong Roadshow will travel throughout the country to showcase our Agricultural Industry to rural, regional and urban Australia.

We are looking for resourceful, entrepreneurial, organised teams who have a passion for agriculture. We want to engage and enthuse members of the public about the Australian Year of the Farmer at a wide range of agricultural, sporting and cultural events, and we want you to help us bring ‘the Greatest Story Never Told’ to Australia.

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How it will work

  • We are looking for either individuals and/or people in pairs.
  • Those from a certain state are encouraged to travel within that state unless otherwise highly knowledgeable about another state(s).
  • Employed on a roster based system; Roadshow co-ordinators will have a four to six week rotation “on the road” or otherwise based at head office in the nearest main city or possibly from your home office.
  • All “on-road” travelling expenses included with a generous remuneration package.
  • Employment opportunities on a full-time or on a casual basis

The Roadshow will involve

  • Managing a Roadshow vehicle and exhibition on an event circuit over a set period of rotation
  • Merchandise and showbag sales
  • Managing the “Mini-Archibull” children’s competition
  • Liaising with AYOF ambassadors and local champions for “meet and greets”
  • Engaging with the public about the educational display elements
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  • Training end of December, first or second weekend in January (either/or)
  • Roadshow start: 19th January 2012
  • Roadshow end: 12th December 2012 (48 weeks)
Australian Year Of The Farmer


  • Strong Agricultural background is highly regarded
  • Excellent communication skills, including writing, proof reading, and speaking
  • Excellent interpersonal skills both in person and by phone, with high professionalism
  • Fantastic customer service ethic and high expectations for quality
  • Some experience in assisting with children’s activities is desirable
  • Proficient in general computer skills
  • Ability to travel is required
  • Must hold current full drivers licence
Please email us through a copy of your current resume
For more information please contact:
Alex Hunter;
Hollie Baillieu;
Contact us on (02) 9818 4044

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