Saturday, January 28, 2012

Street by street

Recovering the practice and art of neighbourliness

Street by Street is a national neighbourhood support program that links people who live in the same street or nearby. The focus is on practical helping tasks such as taking the bin in and out, hanging washing, getting a few items from the shops, or getting mail from the letter box.

Street by street We would like to hear from individuals and organisations around the country interested in participating in rolling out Street by Street on a national scale.

Community centres, service clubs, neighbourhood houses, community health centres, scout and guide groups, and voluntary associations are some of the organisations participating in auspicing a local Street by Street initiative.

More information is available at Street by Street. An Information for Participants Kit is available.

Neighbours not volunteers

Participants in a Street by Street link-up are not volunteers, they are people in a voluntary relationship with their neighbours, as neighbours.

The aim of Street by Street is to recover the practice, and art, of neighbourliness. We don’t want to surround this activity with rules and regulations, nor do we want to subject participants to the usual procedures that volunteers in formal organizations are subject to.

Street by Street is a very simple program that aims to re-kindle links between neighbours that might once have formed spontaneously but which, in our day and age, require a little facilitation. It is our intention to run Street by Street as a simple informal network, operating on a very large scale across Australia.

REGISTER NOW to participate.

Training Workshop 21 February

A Training Workshop for leaders and participants in the Street by Street program will be held on Tuesday 21 February 2012 in Melbourne.

The workshop will run from 10am to 3pm.

CLICK HERE for more information.

CLICK HERE to register.

National Steering Group

Expressions of Interest are invited for additional participants on the Street by Street National Steering Group.

The Steering Group will coordinate the development of Street by Street around Australia. If you would like to play an active role as a member of the National Steering Group, express your interest by submitting this online form.

CLICK HERE to express your interest.

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