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Teach for Australia

Its an interesting read and you may know someone who might be interested.

The idea...

Teach in a disadvantaged secondary school for two years with ongoing support, mentoring and training. Emerge as an exceptional leader.

For more info go here

The World Is Just Awesome

The Regional Development Australia (RDA) Wheatbelt
team is turning to song to promote its region.
Young people in the community are being encouraged to create lyrics based on the ‘Boom De Ah Dah’ song by National Geographic in order to give the world a glimpse of how ‘The Wheatbelt is Just Awesome’.
In the original ‘Boom De Ah Dah’ song by National Geographic on YouTube
 a mixture of famous and everyday people contribute a line to the song, sharing what inspires them about the world.

Watch below

“We’re calling on young people in the region who love their community to send in a five-second film clip expressing what inspires them about the Wheatbelt, singing to the tune of ‘Boom De Ah Dah’,” says Michelle Blackhurst, the RDA’s Youth Connections Outreach and Liaison Coordinator.

People of all ages, with their permission, can be filmed by phone or camera, and selected film clips will be used by the RDA Wheatbelt to promote the region.

For more information on how to get involved in The Wheatbelt is Just Awesome
project please contact Michelle Blackhurst

Watch and Enjoy

Loving the spunk shown by the Gloucester Rural Women's Gathering 2011
Watch and enjoy

Are you inspired enough to attend the Parkes Rural Women's Gathering 2012

Rural Women Building Resilience in the Face of Change

Dubbo's Feel Good Walk

Women in Sugar Aust Conference 2012

Monday, February 27, 2012

The 2012 Sustaining Rural Communities Conference “Empowering Regional People”

19th and 20th April 2012 
 Venue: Narrabri Crossing Theatre

The third National ‘Sustaining Rural Communities’ Conference will focus on building the skills of delegates to enable them to go back to their communities, harness the skills and resources of other community members and ‘get the job done’.


The event will focus on people and enable delegates to:
  • Build new networks
  • Develop new personal and professional skills
  • Learn more about the findings from recent regional research. 
Building the skills and capacity of people in Australia’s regions is vital if we are to collectively manage and take advantage of the opportunities these new challenges offer. 
Click here to register interest in the conference

You'll find information about the conference here: http://www.sustainingruralcommunities.org.au/2012_Conference
and for advice on travel and accommodation you can contact Kate Schwager at the Cotton CRC on T: 02 67992477, M: 0408486667, E: kate.schwager@cottoncrc.org.au
There will be one charter flight leaving Canberra and for further information regarding this flight please contact Sally Knight M: 0427 955 133

Innovative Australian Program for Rural Women to be showcased at the United Nations, CSW.

What is CSW?

The Commission on the Status of Women is one of the nine functional committees of the UN Economic and Social council …this year the key focus is on Rural Women, specifically The empowerment of Rural Women and their role in poverty and hunger eradication, development and current challenges.
The National Rural Women’s Coalition will be holding a “parallel” event  entitled “Networking Rural Women” to showcase the National Rural Women’s Network internationally with a live webinar – and women anywhere in the world are invited to log in and join us. The event will demonstrate how the virtual rural women’s network operates and the power of that Network to not only link women farmers and rural women in Australia but potentially women all over the world,
It will be held on March 2nd 2012 at 10.30am to 12 noon New York Time. Instructions on how to join this live session  and follow it on Facebook are listed among below.
How Can you join in?
1.     Join the CSW56 Australian Non Government Organisations Delegates Facebook site. This site was created to share the experiences of CSW 56 in New York, and update Non Government Organisations and interested individuals of daily outcomes. It is also a forum to share knowledge and opinions.
Darriea Turley, Rosemary Norman-Hill and Kaylene Rawlings Hunter are this year's Community Sector Delegates and they will be attending the United Nations in New York from 26 February to March 9th 2012 as part of the Australian Government Delegation.
 To join go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/australianuncsw56/
Please circulate to your networks.
2.     Join the National Rural Women’s Coalition Facebook Site to see the Networking event develop.
To join go to https:// . www.facebook.com/nationalruralwomensnetwork

3.     Join in and participate in the NRWC live event in New York, but you need to do the following: 
a.     Before the day – work out your time zone compared to New York
b.      On the day:  Just click on the following link and you will join the session.
c.     What equipment do you need? You need a computer with internet access – dial up is fine- and a headphone with a microphone attached. This is to prevent feedback into your computer. You will not be able to use the internal mic and sound from your computer as it will impact on others listening in.
d.    Need more information? Email Sandra at eo@nrwcn.org.au
Format of the event 
A panel, including Elisabeth Broderick Australia’s Sex Discrimination Commissioner, will lead a discussion and demonstration on the power of Networking, and the Australian National Network, how it works in Australia and how it has the potential to link rural women all over the world,
Invited guests in attendance at CSW in New York, including Non Government Organisations and government officials from other countries and Australia will be invited to ask questions about the Network.
Remote participants in rural women in Australia – including from two Indigenous centres in remote Australia, Uganda, New Guinea, New Zealand, Canada and the Pacific will be asked to introduce themselves and speak about what it means to be a rural woman in their country, demonstrating how  the Network can link women everywhere. 
Sandra Stoddart
Executive Officer,
National Rural Women's Coalition and Network
PO Box 928
KYNETON Vic 3444
ph 03 54223238
Mobile 0412779819
email eo@nrwcn.org.au
website: www.nrwc.com.au  

facebook. www.facebook.com/nationalruralwomensnetwork
twitter. @nrwcoalition
twitter.  @nrwnetwork

The inaugural National Rural Women's Conference.  Mark the dates in your diary: 19 - 21 February 2013 - Canberra

Women in Farming Event 2012

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Annual Farmer Day

The co founder and managing director of the Australian Year of the Farmer 2012 has big plans for this year, including the possibility of establishing an annual farmer's day or maybe even a farm week.

Geoff Bell is a city boy who married into a farming family.

He came up with the idea for Year of the Farmer in 2006, and six years later the dream has become a reality.

He says this is the year to get people thinking and talking about agriculture.

"By having this celebration of agriculture during this Australian Year of the Farmer and a celebration of rural and regional communities as well it goes with that we would hope that we can actually change that perception a little bit and maybe people at the end of the year maybe won't take agriculture and agribusiness fo much for granted." via

Australian Year Of The Farmer



Students in every state and territory are turning their minds to how wool can represent their version of “Modern Australia”.

Wool4Skool has attracted 220 school registrations covering over 6000 Design and Technology Textile students across year 9 and 10.

 This year the winning entry will win a $2500 cash prize with the design being created by one of Australia’s leading designers; it will also feature in a photoshoot with teen girls magazine Girlfriend. Teachers are also rewarded with a $2500 cash prize for the best incorporation of the project in the classroom.
Registrations have now closed for the 2012 competition and Australian Wool Innovation is announcing additional prizes.
The best entry from each state will win a bolt of Merino wool fabric for the classroom.*
Introductory videos with designer Jonathon Ward and Caroline Chisholm Catholic College (Braybrook, Vic) Design and Technology teacher Katrina Wheaton-Penniall are available online at www.wool4skool.com website and WoolmarkOnline Youtube channel.

Wool4Skool student design competition 2012

At the Top

Thank you so much for all the positive comments and encouragement I have received from the ABC Open post - it has lead to some very interesting offers

I have been very surprised and absolutely delighted with the response

In return I thought I would share my weekend with you.

A group of very adventurous and fun ladies decided a weekend away was in store so decided to climb the mountain at our doorstep.

Almost there...

That's us sitting at the top of Australia at the summit of Mt Kosciuszko 

We were obviously not the first to do it but we were the first on the day and we set a cracking pace....
In hindsight I think the most special part of the weekend was us at the top of Australia totally on our own basically mucking around.  The only ones in the world to do it at that moment.  On our way down the mountain we passed hoards of people making the trek up.

But we got Kosciuszko to ourselves - for a moment in time.

There was no special reason behind it just a weekend away full of big belly laughs and an achievement.

Perhaps a rural bloggers trek to the top next???

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Today I Am A Guest!

Thrilled to be asked to be a guest blogger for ABC Open

You can read my post here

Hopefully it shines the light a bit on rural and regional women which was always my goal for Bushbelles

Thank you to the gorgeous Sonya Gee for getting in touch with me!

And thank you to all the gorgeous Bushbelles followers and rural bloggers!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

NSW Rural Woman of the Year

Danica Leys

Congrats to Danica Leys for wining NSW rural women's award.
Check out her story here

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rural Royalty

Rhubarb has launched its Rural Royalty! What on earth is Rural Royalty?
For those ladies who get their retail fix online and end up spending their budget way too soon because you have to pay for postage as well, WELL no longer with Rhubarb!
Register online with Rhubarb by going to the "Log in" section and you will no longer pay for shipping as long as you live in a rural remote area. All you have to do is Register with Rhubarb online. Caitlyn will do the rest from her end.


Rhubarb - the boutique with benefits

Roger federer nike guitar advert

I laugh out loud every time I watch.


Sculpture Garden Sunday 2012

Saturday, February 18, 2012


The Royal Agricultural Society of NSW (RAS) is launching its first cookbook - Blue Ribbon Recipes: Prize Winning Recipes from the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Many of us have memories of our mothers and grandmothers baking fresh scones, pikelets sponge cakes and slices. It's the type of food that has graced afternoon tea tables and has become part of our collective memories. Blue Ribbon Recipes: Prize Winning Recipes from the Sydney Royal Easter Show is a tribute to just that - a collection of recipes from our State's best home cooks.

Author Pam Casellas has sifted through the recipes of countless home cooks, all of whom have had great success at the Sydney Royal Easter Show over the years. She has savoured the offerings and the result is truly heartwarming - a treasure trove of simple, traditional home cooking which is carried out with love.

Sixty prize-winning recipes, generously provided by 24 exhibitors, pass on the traditions of Show cooking and inspire anyone who has ever considered entering a batch of their scones into one of the most prestigious cooking competitions in Australia - the Sydney Royal Easter Show. The recipes come from kitchens far and wide, and contributors range from the ages of 14 to well over 80.

Blue Ribbon Recipes contains several profiles of winning cooks; each with their own interesting story, helpful hints for baking bliss and special recipes.

There's Merle Parrish, who's first prize-winning Anzacs were granted immortality at the Cudal Show in 1939 when she was just seven years of age. She turns 80 this year and there has never been a time when she hasn't made Anzacs, among the other hundreds of cakes, biscuits, slices and sponges that she turns out every year.

Cooking is Mrs Parrish's great love in life. Her preparation for the Sydney Royal Easter Show is quite extraordinary - waking up at 2am, baking three batches of scones and a jam role, boxing up her entries, and then making the 300-kilometre journey east to Sydney Showground.

Blue Ribbon Recipes: Prize Winning Recipes from the Sydney Royal Easter Show is an initiative of the Sydney Royal Arts & Crafts Committee, in partnership with publisher Hub & Spoke. It is the first RAS colour photography cookbook and has been printed in Australia.

The 112-page hardcopy book retails for $39.99 and will be officially launched at the Sydney Royal Arts & Crafts Preview on Tuesday, April 3 at Sydney Showground. Blue Ribbon Recipes will be available for purchase at the Sydney Royal Easter Show in the Arts & Crafts Pavilion from the first day of the Easter Show, April 5.

The first 2000 customers to purchase Blue Ribbon Recipes at the Sydney Royal Easter Show will receive a sample bag, filled with CSR Sugar, McKenzie's Bi-carb Soda and recipe card, Heilala Vanilla, Madura Tea Estates, Murray River Salt and a few special surprises. Blue Ribbon Recipes will also be available for purchase online at http://www.hubandspoke.com.au/ and at leading book stores.

Fairfax Elders Photo Competition - Enter Now

Harnessing the opportunities presented by agriculture requires rural and urban communities to work more closely together. Now photographers can be part of the Australian Year of the Farmer celebrations by capturing images of how farming affects the daily lives of all Australians- in the city and the country.

Australia's largest publisher of regional and agricultural news and information, Fairfax Rural Press Ltd is a major sponsor, and to help celebrate is running in conjunction with our Foundation Sponsor Elders an exclusive Photo Competition.

The competition starts at 10am on 1 January and runs through to 6pm on 30 September 2012 -there's over $30,000 worth of prizes to be won and it's open to entrants of all ages and abilities, so click here for Fairfax Elders Photo Competition details.

Australian Year Of The Farmer

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Getting To Know....Caitlyn McLeod

Today, as a gorgeous add from yesterday, I am inviting you to get to know Caitlyn McLeod.
Caitlyn is the owner of the beautiful Rhubarb Boutique in Theodore.
I loved reading her answers which were so honest and heartfelt.  Although Caitlyn is only 22 it is clear she has done alot of living, learning and loving.

Town or country?
 Country, I love the freedom, however I do love the "I can get dressed in really nice clothes because I'm going to town" feeling. It's almost like you touch base with society again!

Music or books
Music for sure!
I have always admired how some people can get lost in the world of a book. Its not something I have ever been able to do. I love the music world, the lyrics and theory's behind a good song. I do love all types of music, my iPod is best described as a carnival!

Perfect Day
Oh this is a hard one. At the moment my #1 decision would have to say, anywhere doing anything as long as those people who really make the true you shine are around.  Loads of laughter, fun and a dash of Alcohol perhaps!

Clooney or Pitt...
Mmmmm I have always had a soft side for the older gentleman, much more mature however the "younger" freshly toned body is certainly easy on the eye.

Romantic Hero or Action Hero
Action! Im a bit of a sucker for the scruffy cowboy look, and lets face it, they are never much of a romantic hero. Well my "scruffy cowboy" isn't.

Prince Frederick or Prince William
I want to say William because if I choose William do I get to look like Catherine?

 Heels or favourite winter boots
Winter Boots!
I admired these Charlie 1 Horse Lucchese boots for Months and Months and Months- I finally justified spending $380 on them and made the purchase! I think I fall in love with them more and more everyday!

Australian Stockman or Surfer

Chocolate or Coffee
Chocolate all the way- My biggest weak point, there is nothing better than melted Cadbury buttons with a very ripe large strawberry dipped in!

Great shoes or gorgeous underware
Shoes, I figure the only 2 people to see your underwear is you and your partner so why spend the money on something you don’t get to show off!

Pedicure, manicure or massage
A+B+C?? If I really only had to pick one I would have to say massage, however I am very picky, Once I find a good one, I'm hooked.  My partners Aunty has just done the course and is AMAZING!

Rodeo's or Picnic Races
I have grown up around rodeos- my brother use to ride bulls. My Mum maintains that she would much prefer to watch him try and ride for 8 seconds on a 600kg beast, then watch him try and win gold for Australian in boxing (Which he also did more than once!)
I met my future husband at a rodeo, 100% rodeo.

Pinned Image

Talk it out or keep it to yourself
Talk it out, one of my motto's is that a relationship is built on 3 things,
"Trust, COMMUNICATION + Support"

Karaoke - first to sing or absolutely-no-not-ever
Me and Bobbie Magee will get me every time, and it doesn’t take much convincing no matter how much alcohol is consumed.

One book you would recommend to anyone or that you love and can read over and over again
As a kid I loved the very hungry caterpillar (Does this count) (Absolutely)

Summer or Winter
I swing both ways, I love soaking up the sun lying in a hammock, or by a river bed fishing, and I love curling up on a couch with a movie on a cold winters morning.

Camping or 5 star- 5 Star.
I'm not one that takes to camping.

One movie that makes you cry every time
Possibly 8 seconds I know it makes me cry all the time, however I'm a bit of a sook when it comes to sad stories so really put anything in front of me that the story entails a broken heart, a loss of life but make sure you bring the tissues.

One moment you would like to revisit if you could
You know the saying- you don’t know what you have until its gone, VERY TRUE! I lost my Grandmother and my Aunty a very short distance apart and I wish I could re live the 12 months before this happened as I would like to think I could have saved my Aunty from dying of obesity and depression, and well my Nan I just wish I spend more time with her, she was such a precious soul.

Favourite movie/song
I don’t have a favourite movie, my collection is very large so I'm going to pass on a specific answer.  As for song, I guess my favourite genre is Country, but not the "Taylor Swift" kind of country, I mean Merle Haggard, and Brooks and Dunn kind of country.  I loved their stories behind the lyrics and the meaning they sung them with. They just are not the same these days!

How long have you known your oldest friend
Possibly 18 years.

3 things you have yet to do
Get Married
Conquer the world of retail, and
have a family

School days - happy or sad, good or bad memories
I'm going to say BAD! I was not the popular kid in school, simply because I was not out partying on a Saturday night and taking drugs at the age of 15. (Scary huh!)
(yes but look who's successful now - BB)

What - or who - always makes you feel better on those more challenging days
Between my mum and my Fiance and my Dad. I have the most amazing parents a girl could hope for! Our family has been through a very trying time and the last 12 months for me has not been the easiest (but I guess join the club) however tackling a major flood through my business and then fighting the insurance company for 8 months (that’s a whole new story all together) and then a terrible end to the year, my Mum, or Dad were the ones I would call in tears and no matter what by the end of a 5 minute call my eyes were always dry and my heart had fight in it, My fiance, well he was always there for me when my stubborn ways wouldn’t agree with the much more mature answer! Lets not forget a hug and a whisper in your ear "its all going to be alright"

Recommend a blog/website
(OF COURSE! However I'm not really good at keeping it up to date as I'm still learning the world of online retail) I'm open for help if anyone out there can!

Something you are passionate about now
Conquering the world of retail and making Rhubarb such a well known little Boutique as far as the piece of string will reach and the word of mouth will hear!

Happier now than you were at 20
Well that was only 2 years ago and well I guess I am, problems have been solved, lessons have been learnt and more smiles have been had!

Honestly Describe yourself in one word only

Words to live by
Live Laugh Love- Is my favourite,
However I do love: Live for Today, Dream for Tomorrow and Hope for the future.

What is the one thing you know for sure
The world does go on, in every heartache in every moment of despair always remember the world keeps turning and tomorrow is another day. Another day for smiles, another day for tears, or another day to mend, but tomorrow is another day.

Thank you so much Caitlyn, best of luck in the world of retail and we hope to hear more from you soon.

You can follow Rhubarb on facebook here


For anyone who may not have a Valentine today
 (it's 9am and I am married and still haven't heard the words 'Happy Valentines Day" and am not expecting too and you know what, I am ok with that)
It's still a great day to celebrate yourself and your friends

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Love To Read

Not really one for Valentines Day but loving the National Year of Reading which launches in Canberra on Tuesday 14th 2012.

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What are you reading - right now?