Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Country Love Story

Australian Year of the Farmer may only want NSW based country love stories (which is fab) but Bushbelles welcomes rural love stories from anywhere and with my 12 yr anniversary tomorrow I will happily share mine. 

(Incidentally my wedding day date had no relevance whatsoever to Valentines Day.  Because I live in southern NSW it was purely the best time the year for a wedding i.e. least chance of snow.)

It was way back in '96 when this southern rural girl decided to pack her bags and head north.  Too far north her parents felt but she went anyway.  And so it was that she boarded a bus headed to FNQ (far north Queensland) leaving the stability of a great job and Friday night office drinks with no idea what lay in store except that she would be a cook/gardener/use office skills and much more.

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The trip was long and boring and upon falling out of the bus at the Blue Heeler Hotel somewhere in Queensland (Kynuna) at 2am in the morning began to question her decision to leave the bright lights and security of Cook Rd, Centennial Park.  Surely her flatmates would just be getting home from Kings Cross by now.

6am found her standing on the pavement in Cloncurry, Qld realising this was not a holiday,  but for real, and for someone so use to going and doing anything at the drop of a hat this was serious.

Thankfully, she found a family welcoming her into their world and found a place for herself in the kitchen and other places around the station.

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However, her first glimpse of the headstockman filled her with awe, dread, fear, butterflies, actually a feeling that this is the man she would spend the rest of her life with.  Which seemed outrageous at the time...

The only problem - they could not stand each other.  She was a city upstart (so he thought), sarcastic and couldn't cook a steak to save herself.


He was a hardworking young man who took his role very seriously (still is).

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The solution - an afternoon at Duchess Hotel and another at the Cloncurry races and they decided that they really did have a connection after all.

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Many heady days followed, after all she was the cook and he the headstockman.  Not an easy path to follow in such close company of others in the heat of the Cloncurry sun.

Sometime later, after many adventures, they moved back down to NSW and were fortunate enough to live for a while outside of Grenfell, NSW.  Many good times were had and many good friends were made.

There he proposed to her one hot night under the harvest moon.

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And now, they are living happily ever after in southern NSW forever in awe of their own luck with 4 of the wildest, crazy, gorgeous, best kids ever.

**Disclaimer:  yes there have been many hard times, many tough times and many sad times.  There will be many of these times to come.  However, each time there is some obstacle in our way, we somehow, have so far managed to overcome it.  We always said if we could get through a move 9 years ago to a place we wanted to live but struggled to fit in (so not the QLD or central western NSW  lifestyle we had become used too) we could overcome anything - so far we have been right.

My tip - laugh, laugh, laugh every day, and it's rather grand waking up to a man from snowy river!!

Please, please share with me your country love story..... wherever you are from.  Even if its across the borders - like mine.

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  1. I'm writing it in full :) Grab a cuppa and enjoy! xxx

    Jess (The Farmer Has A Wife)