Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rhubarb Boutique in Theodore

Rhubarb Boutique in Theodore, QLD is the Boutique with benefits owned by Caitlyn McLeod and totally looks like my kind of heaven

I have spent a good deal of the afternoon browsing the online store and Rhubarb's facebook page

Rhubarb boasts a gorgeous bit of everything

Clients can also host a Rhubarb on the Run party and enjoy a sweet session of Retail Therapy in your very own home which I would definately do if only I lived closer.

 As Caitlyn herself says
"Its such a little hidden treasure and people don't realise what rhubarb has to offer. Its so hard making these small town country boutiques glow from all the rest!"

I agree and am more than happy to share Rhubarb, my only disappointment is that I cannot spend an afternoon there. 

A bit of research also tells me that Caitlyn is in her very early 20's, gorgeous and obviously a very bright rural woman pursuing her dreams.

Snaps to her I say and wish her the biggest business year ever!!

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