Monday, March 19, 2012

Ask An Aussie Farmer?

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A proactive group of farmers who met through social media now plan to use the same technology to connect to city-based consumers and families as well.
The group, which consists of farmers and graziers from all corners of Australia, will today launch the “Ask An Aussie Farmer” page on Facebook, and a supporting account on Twitter.

The voluntary initiative is designed to provide consumers with a central place to have their questions about food and fibre production answered by the very people who produce it.
The site will also seek to counter misinformation spread about agriculture on social networking sites and in the general media, and to promote the many positive stories the farming sector has to tell.

Ask An Aussie Farmer can be found on Facebook here 
The group's Twitter account is @AAAFarmer
The group can be contacted by email at

So go on
Fire some questions at them....

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