Sunday, March 25, 2012

FarmDay 2012 May 26&27

  Fun, Friendship & Understanding

  FarmDay is when a farm family hosts a city family for a day of real hands-on experiences
and a greater understanding of the day-to-day life of the farming family.

 If you are a city family you will have a wonderful opportunity to share a day in the life of a farming family - you will be able to assist in some of the daily work of producing food and fibre, have conversations about what it means to live on the land and gain a real insight into the similariites and differences of a rural and urban lifestyle and business. Of course, there will be great food to be shared and wide open spaces to be enjoyed, all of which will come together to make FarmDay 2012 one of the most memorable events of your year!  FarmDay offers a great opportunity to take a short break away - so why not make a long weekend of it, and  take your time discovering your new part of rural Australia!

If you  are a farming family, FarmDay is a wonderful chance to share your lifestyle and business with a city family who are keen to understand how you go about producing the food and fibre for which Australain farmers are renknowned.

Involving your visitors in a "hands on, boots on" way is a great way to start discussions about the hows and whys of farming. Sharing in the delight of your visiting family as they make new discoveries around your farm is a rewarding and refreshing experience, and is a strong demonstration of how you are able to strengthen the ties between our rural and urban communities.

2012 is the Australian Year of the Farmer - FarmDay offers a brilliant opportunity to share in the spirit of the year - so mark it off on your calendar and sign up to register for FarmDay 2012

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